Article: Korean Movies That Show Rich Korean Food Culture

The increase in Hallyu or the Korean waves is commendable. Korean movies, music, and food are getting popular day by day. Wildly the entertainment industry is blooming with worldwide recognition. South Korea has a vibrant food culture with many lip-smacking delicacies. We often see delicious food in the movies and dramas and always want some. What if I tell you that you can enjoy these dishes with just your eyes? If you are hungry, then you should avoid watching these movies. So, to make your work easier, here is a compilation of Korean films that show rich Korean food culture.

1. Little Forest

Little Forest is a South Korean film released in 2018 and directed by Yim Soon Rye. The movie tells the story of a small-town girl with big dreams. She left her village to pursue those dreams but failed to achieve and came back home with disappointment. When she returned home, she could not find her mother, but she left her ‘Little Forest’ behind, which had sketched details mostly about food recipes. As the story progresses, she heals herself with nature, food, and friends.

2. Final Recipe

Final Recipe is a South Korean movie released in 2013. The story revolves around a boy named Mark, whose dream is to become a great chef like his grandfather, Hao. But his grandfather had different plans for him; he wanted Mark to enroll in a good university and become an engineer. On the other hand, Hao restaurant was on the verge of bankruptcy because of his arrogant personality. So, to save the restaurant from going down, Mark secretly went to Shanghai to participate in a cooking competition against chefs from different countries.

3. My Sweet Dear

My Sweet Dear is a South Korean movie released in 2021. The story revolves around a talented chef named Yoon Do Gun. Do Gun is a skilled chef who single-handedly made Laura Dining the talk of the town. He wanted to change the menu and experiment with the consumer’s taste. But Do Gu and the restaurant's owner had different opinions about the menu. She wanted a crowd-pleasing menu to generate more profit. To make things work according to her, she hires another chef named Choi Jung Woo in the same kitchen. Jung Woo does not make any dishes on his own but copies others. Both the chefs had a bitter start but eventually understood each other and fell in love.

4. Le Grand Chef

Le Grand Chef is a South Korean movie released in 2008 and directed by Jeon Yun Su. The film revolves around a skilled chef named Seong Chan. Five years back, he and Bong Ju competed in a contest to take over the Unmajeong restaurant. Seong Chan was defeated by Bong Ju because his dish apparently poisoned the judges. One day, a reporter told Seong Chan about the competition to get revenge on Bong Ju. As the story progresses, Seong Chan competes with Bong Ju along with the corrupt judges who are coming on his way.

5. Marrying The Mafia III

Marrying the Mafia III is a South Korean movie released in 2008. The film revolves around a family switching their dirty business to a clean food business. Mrs. Hong, the head of the family, starts a new Kimchi business with her three sons and their wives. Thanks to her extraordinary cooking skills, their business blows up quickly. Things went smoothly until Mr. Bong was convicted of a crime, and the Hong family contributed mainly to his conviction. Mr. Bong wanted revenge, so he poisoned their products and caused losses for the family. As the story progresses, Mrs. Hong tries to find solutions to this problem.

6. Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle is a South Korean movie released in 2010. The story revolves around two natural-born chefs who compete against each other. A chef named Jang Eun returned to Korea and wanted to close her mother’s restaurant, which her mom cherished more than her daughter. On the other hand, we have Sung Chan, who grew up with Jang Eun but didn’t want the restaurant to close. So, to make things transparent and fair, both agreed to compete in a contest of Kimchi making organized by the government. The result of the competition will decide the fate of the restaurant.

7. Oceans Likes Me

Ocean Likes Me is a South Korean movie released in 2022. The film revolves Han Ba Da and his dream to open an udon restaurant at the seaside. He finds it difficult to turn his dream into reality with many problems coming his way. After many obstacles, when he finally opened a restaurant, he found it difficult to attract customers. Then, he meets a failed musician, Tommy, who has just returned to his hometown. Tommy was inspired by Ba Da’s passion and decided to help him attract customers. As the story progressed, they became close to each other and successfully operated the restaurant.

8. Notebook From My Mother

Notebook From My Mother is a South Korean movie released in 2018. The story revolves around a mother and her struggles in life. Elan runs a small deli store and is famous in the neighborhood for her healthy food. She often keeps a note of the recipe of food she makes with drawings. But things started to change when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. She then decides to leave her home and stay at a nursing home to avoid inconvenience for her family. One day, while cleaning her room, her son, Gyu Hyeon, finds her notebook. He then understands his mother’s feelings and makes dishes according to her mother’s recipe.

9. Antique Bakery

Antique Bakery is a South Korean movie released in 2008. The story revolves around an heir of a wealthy family and his struggles to find love. Jin Hyuk is rich, handsome, and has that unique charm on his face. He had everything but still failed to find love. He opened a bakery and recruited three attractive men so girls would frequently visit the shop. Sun Woo, a skilled pâtissier Ki Bum, an ex-boxing champion, and Soo Young, a bodyguard, all had their past which they wanted to avoid. Soon, these four men created a stir in a peaceful neighborhood.

10. Koala

Koala is a South Korean movie released in 2013. The film revolves around a guy, Dong Bin, who quit his job to start his own business. We have Jong Ik, who has failed many auditions and has no vision for his future. The two then decide to open a burger place named Burger Boy. They also hired a part-time employee named Woo Ri to help with the restaurant. As the story progresses, they find it difficult to run the restaurant as many problems arise, like a lack of customers and rising meat patty prices.