Article: Top 10 Korean Male Artists That Teens Crush Over

Teens go all heart-eyed when they see an eye candy person. Breaking their records, Korean men have won the hearts of many teens worldwide, either by their fine looks or by their talent to swoon women off their feet, or maybe both. With looks that fatal, they’d probably win all the presidential campaigns if they tried. The Korean entertainment industry has reached great heights through various artists from various fields like K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Movies, etc. Here we will dive right into the wildfire of handsome faces and have a look at ten Korean Male artists.

1. Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung or V, is from the boy band BTS, that has been conquering the hearts of many young teens. He is a singer, actor, and model at times. His charms and his sharp features are what make him more popular than the rest of his bandmates. At times appearing to be a sweet little boy who is lovingly nicknamed as Taetae by his fandom, he turns the table by switching his personality to savvy and intimidating. The man has charmed the wits out of teens with his deep and sexy voice.

2. Cha Eun-Woo

Lee Dong Min, professionally called Cha Eun-Woo, is a singer for the boy band Astro and a South Korean actor. Being in an Idol group, Eun-woo Nim is the face of his group for his good looks and melodious voice. He was awarded the most handsome man among 500 K-Pop male artists. This man, with his engaging eyes, seemingly rules the girl fans with just an innocent smile and by being an empath. His roles in the dramas he partakes in, either a minor or major role, captures the teen viewers’ attention.

3. Park Seo-Joon

Park Seo-Joon is a South Korean actor widely known for his roles in the shows, `What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?,’ `Itaewon Class,’ `Hwarang,’ his most recent reality show `Seojin’s,’ and so on. He has always been the type to stand for the ones that he loves, which includes his fans. His sign, Sagittarius supports the fact that his outgoing personality and fun-to-hang-out-with vibes that he carries around him are what make the good girl kinda gals fall for him. But we do know that all the good girls like a bit of bad in their men right?

4. Jung Hae-In

Jung Hae-In, a Korean actor who originally appeared in a music video, `Moya,’ which started to catch the attention of teen observers, specially observed as the “popular Joe from school” from the mv. He can be stoic at times, but can flatter the ones around just with a good ol’ simple smile. He sometimes is referred to as, `Scholar Jung’ for his maturity and calm glamour displayed on his handsome face during shoots. Not only teens, young actresses, and female K-Pop artists have a crush on him as well. This man is the ideal hubby material for teens to fall head over heels.

5. Lee Dong-Wook

Lee Dong-Wook is a South Korean actor, host, model, and imitator. He started winning the hearts and minds of teens through his roles in the dramas, `Bad and Crazy,’ `Guardians’ or `Goblin,’ `Tale of the nine tailed,’ etc. He is one of the finest actors in the Korean entertainment industry, as he has been consistent for over the past two decades. He is the guy that falls under the category of intellect, those guys you see walking around the Ivy League school with their heads in the book, but at the same time, the one that has a bone to express himself. Nothing can stop me, kinda guy. Well, that’s a bombshell thrown at the teens by him and his dazzling personality to collapse them.

6. Lee Jong-Suk

A person who cares for a companion is what a teen loves the most, looking for someone like that? Lee Jong-Suk is `IT’ for you. Charming, compassionate, sweet, caring, loving, handsome, great physic, shy, a bit of an introvert, you name it, he’s got it all. Starting his career as a runway model, he now stands as one of the proud high-end actors the industry revolves around. But to the teens that crushed over him, sadly this man is taken, otherwise, it is wonderful that he has got a partner to share his life with. His Partner is a female K-Pop sensation, IU. She adores and treasures him a lot. So, girls, you don’t have to worry, Jong-Suk is in good hands.

7. Seo In-Guk

Starting his career from scratch as a singer-songwriter, Seo In-Guk is a famous South Korean male celebrity with a fan following of his own at present. The alpha male personality and physique attract the young teens like bees to a flower. Not to forget about the fact that he has a talent as a singer as well. His fans crush on him for a lot of reasons apart from his looks. His authoritarian and persistent personality, love for his family, work, and fans, is and will always be one of the factors that will bring him more people that will love him. Teens and Seo In-Guk have a thing in common, teens are passionate about him, and he is passionate about making movies and songs for his fans.

8. Gong Yoo

Whenever we think about a zombie apocalypse, the first thing we remember is the movie, 'Train to Busan,’ at least for most of us. Gong Ji-Cheol or his stage name that he goes by, `Gong Yoo’ is best known for his major roles in `Goblin/Guardian,’ `The silent sea,’ `Squid Game,’ and many more. This man is a ready-made perfect Human, kind temperament check, values friendship check, humble check, sweet and caring check, a man with emotions double check. Girls, get in a line already!

9. Song Joong-Ki

Raised from the story of a historical character, we have a modern havoc in the Korean industry. Joong-ki is an actor best known for a lot of dramas and movies. His K-Drama series `Vincenzo,’ definitely fueled the fire. Knocking out young teens with his Italian mafia vibes. Damn, was he hot in it. All the girls in love with this bad boy type of male, might want to back off, the man’s married and has happily welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Who knows, the baby boy might turn out to be like his daddy.

10. Kang Tae-oh

Tae-oh is a singer and an actor from South Korea. He gained international viewers and a worldwide fan base from his main role in the drama, "Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. He is the always sunshine and rainbows on screen which makes him a Heart-throb among young teen girls. He is a shy person but exudes a warm personality. He loves to eat fruits a lot and prefers sleep over eating. Hence, girls get your fruit baskets and comforter ready so that you can Netflix and cuddle while eating fruits with Tae-oh shi in your dreams.