Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas That Are Perfect Escape From Reality 

Life can be stressful at times and days can feel overwhelming. In those times any kind of refreshment feels like a balm. All we desire is comfort when life feels a bit too much. For such days, Korean dramas can be a perfect escape from mundane life. They can be a lifesaver and a stress reliever after a hard working day. There are a variety of genres to watch from fantasy to romance to action, and comedy. Anyhow, don't worry about having a tiring day, you can always retreat to the comfort of your favorite K-drama. They are amusing and comforting to watch, so if you are looking for a getaway from reality then this article is for you. There are the top 10 dramas listed below that you can watch whenever you feel down and need cheering up. These dramas will make you feel better.

1. Goblin

Goblin is one of the best fantasy K-dramas out there. This drama is your fantasy escape from reality. The drama revolves around goblins, grim reapers, reincarnation, romance, and action. Nonetheless, the aesthetics of this drama is to die for. It is worth watching drama to take a break from reality. So if you haven't watched this drama, this is your sign. Go watch it and enjoy it.

2. Doom At Your Service 

Doom at Your Service is another fantasy escape. If you are a lover of complicated love stories with a touch of fantasy then this drama is for you. The story is not simple but engaging enough, it is about a girl who is suffering from a terminal illness and a doom named Myul Mang, who comes to grant her wish. However, there is a twist, he wishes to destroy the world in 100 days, and amidst all the chaos, a love blooms between them. Do watch this brilliant and eye-pleasing drama and find your beautiful escape from reality.

3. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea is an interesting story about a mermaid who falls in love with a man. This drama has all the good aspects that should be in a drama, from romance, and action to comedy and fantasy. However, the drama is aesthetically pleasing and the plot is engaging. Take a break from your busy life and watch this stress-relieving drama.

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is another amazing drama and a perfect mood booster. This drama will make you laugh and feel all the emotions. The drama is about a girl named Do Bong Soon who possesses unnatural strength. However, she is quirky and amusing. There are some hilarious and sweet moments in the show. This drama is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and action. Do watch this comforting drama and escape to the world in Bong Soon’s world.

5. Crash Landing On You 

When two star-crossed lovers crash into each other, the adventure begins. Crash Landing On You is one of the most loved K-dramas. This drama shows an unexpected love story between a South Korean heiress and a North Korean police force captain. However, their love story has twists and turns that are interesting and amusing to watch. This drama is heartwarming and the sweet and slow-paced romance will give you butterflies.

6. Itaewon Class 

Revenge dramas have a separate fanbase among K-drama fans. Itaewon Class is one of the best revenge dramas to watch. The story is thrilling and intense and will keep you engaged. I tell you the suspense in this drama is unbearable but then the suspense keeps the audience waiting. However, the plot is brilliant, Park Sae-ro-yi who is one of the main protagonists of the story ventures on to take revenge after his life is ruined by the son of a powerful businessman. Gear up for this intense adventure. The story has some lighthearted moments between the characters which is amusing to watch.

7. Welcome To Waikiki 

This is that one drama that you can't help but love. This drama will give you much-needed comic relief from your stressful day. It is a laugh-jerker and has the wittiest comic timing. The story is about three struggling artist friends who run a hostel to earn money to fund their dream of producing a film. Nonetheless, there are moments of uncontrollable laughter and hearty humor. You will enjoy watching every second of this fun drama.

8. Romance Is A Bonus Book

Romance is a Bonus Book is a delightful romance between a single mother and a passionate copywriter Kang Dan Yi. The drama is about second chances in life and love. You can watch this mellow love story and delight in the beauty of this drama. Nevertheless, I would consider this drama a perfect retreat from reality.

9. Summer Strike 

Summer Strike is one of the most visually pleasing dramas. The story is beautiful and poignant. This drama is for those who are tired of repetitive days and need a wind of change in their life. I am sure, this drama will get you in your spirits and will give you the comfort and warmth that you deserve. The story is about Yeo-reum who goes on a strike after her life turns upside down when her mother dies and her boyfriend breaks up with her. Regardless of everything going wrong in her life, she never gives up and decides to leave the city and settle into a small town and live ideally. This drama shows that there is nothing wrong with wanting to live a simple life and that you don't need much to be content.

10. One Day Off

Watching One Day Off feels like being snuggled up in a warm blanket. This drama is reassuring in every aspect. The story revolves around a teacher named Park Ha Kyung, whose life is full of boring and lifeless days, and she wants to break free. One day she decides to spend a day with herself, where she travels around the city, explores new cafes and restaurants, and does things she loves. Her days spent traveling give her an insight and clarity of what she wants from her life and fill her heart with love and empathy. Anyway, this drama is about self-discovery and finding your joy.