Article: 10 Japanese Hit Court Dramas

A solid courtroom drama could keep the viewers hooked without ever feeling dull. There are great storylines, dialogues, characters, and melodrama in typical law and justice-related shows. In Japan, the situation isn't much like Suits (a US-based show around the legal and corporate world), but there are some productions you can watch if you are looking for some good lawyer vibes in Japanese. Here are ten such courtroom dramas from the country with the lowest crime rates in the world.

1. Legal High

Legal High follows the story of a lawyer with a long winning streak and an excited associate. The show consists of a total of 2 seasons. The story is filled with satire and humor. There are some clever courtroom scenes. Unlike a severe environment, the show has a comedic approach to the justice system. It may feel a bit exaggerated sometimes. But, overall, it is an enjoyable show.

2. 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi

The show's strength lies in its engaging criminal cases. The drama in and out of the court is showcased cleverly. Hiroto Miyama is a brilliant defence attorney known for his 99.9% success rate in criminal cases. With the help of talented lawyers, he takes on challenging and morally complex issues. This show is close to how things happen in an actual courtroom. 99.9: Keiji Senmon Bengoshi consists of a total of two seasons.  It has been nominated for several awards in Japan.

3. Legal V

Following an incident, a lawyer is disbarred from practising her profession.  But that does not stop her from entering court. She forms a team to fight against the big firms. The storylines of each episode are mostly straightforward. The lead, played by Yonekura Ryoko, shines in her character as a lawyer. If you want an easy-watch series to binge, you can go with Legal V.

4. Good Partner

The show's story focuses on Sakisaka Kento, a handsome lawyer, and a highly qualified lawyer, Natsume Yoshie, who also happens to be his ex-wife. There are other characters like a young lawyer named Daiki Suzuki and Shogo Kai, known for his unorthodox methods in the courtroom. Together, they dive into various legal cases. The drama also shows the moral dilemmas faced by lawyers. Visually, the show's production includes well-executed courtroom scenes. If you want to see Yutaka Takenouchi's work, give this show a try.

5. Suits 

If you have not guessed by the name, Suits is a Japanese version of the famous American legal drama of the same name. The story is about a brilliant, yet unlicensed lawyer named Shogo Kai. He was hired by the prestigious law firm of Hamaguchi & Associates despite not having a law degree or formal legal qualifications (just like Michael Ross). During its initial release, it received mixed reviews from critics. But as the show closely follows the storyline of the American "Suits." The fans liked the concept of the Japanese adaptation.

6. Ichikei No Karasu

Also known as Ichikei's Crow- The Criminal Court Judges, the drama is about a criminal judge, Iruma Michio, at the Tokyo district's first criminal court. His approach to the profession is a bit unconventional. He investigates crime scenes to ensure that justice gets served. This show is maybe one of the few shows which focuses on Judges rather than just lawyers. The storyline of the series is different; thus, it is enjoyable to watch. The suspense is one factor that makes Ichikei no Karasu/ Ichikei's Crow- The Criminal Court Judges engaging.

7. Seigi No Se

Many legal dramas revolve around the personal journey of their protagonists, focusing on their growth within their respective careers. Prosecutor Takemura Ririko's character, as described, follows this common theme. You may find relatable scenes throughout the show. There is nothing new about the series, but if you are a legal drama buff, you can check it out.

8. Hero

The series was so successful among Japanese TV viewers that there were many miniseries and feature films made. A public prosecutor, Kuryu Kohei, has some ways different from a typical lawyer's. The story follows Kuryu Kohei as he takes on various criminal cases. The show is engaging and fun to watch. It gets a little predictable sometimes. Hero mainly focuses on its main lead and gives less attention to the teamwork. If you love watching shows where everything is about the protagonist, then Hero is not a bad watch.

9. Soko Wo Nantoka

Soko wo Nantoka or Soko o Nantoka is a show inspired by a manga of the same name. Please Do Something (Soko wo Nantoka) is about Rakuko Kaise, a girl from a poor household who aspires to become a lawyer. The series shows her personal life and how she struggles through school to become successful. Overall, it is an okayish show that focuses more on a person than the legal drama.

10. Talio Fukushu Daiko No Futari

Talio Fukushu Daiko no Futari is similar to many legal dramas mentioned above. Mami Shirasawa is a young lawyer who got a job at a large law firm where she needs to prove her competence. In her first case, she is defending a lady assaulted by the son of a construction company. Later, she uncovers twists while solving her case. The cast includes Minami Hamabe, Masaki Okad, and Pistol Takehara. The main lead (Minami Hamabe) played her character well. The show is available for free on the internet.