Article: 10 Korean Artists Who Deserve An Apology

The life of Korean artists is not as easy as we think. They have made it to the top after lots of obstacles. Some people forget that celebrities are real people too. They unleash their wrath on celebrities as if they own them. These celebrities gained incessant hate for their political stance, looks, and personality. They deserve an apology from all of us.

1. Bang Chan

Bang Chan has been the target of haters to the point where he felt uncomfortable with being sexualized. He has been called talentless, ugly, and the worst leader.

2. Jennie

Jennie got accused of dating older men and being in multiple relationships. She was said to be favored by her agency because she got better clothes. None of these allegations were proved right.

3. Jungkook

Jungkook got hated for getting tattoos when he turned 23 years old. He got bashed for getting the most lines to sing and always being in the middle while dancing.

4. Chanyeol

Chanyeol got accused by her ex-girlfriend of dating multiple women together. The agency was able to sue the girl. He was able to prove his innocence to his fans.

5. Suga

Yoongi got bashed for being lazy and rude. The anti-fans have labeled him as a rich and spoiled celebrity. Yoongi has proved himself multiple times with his exceptional performances.

6. Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin was accused of sexual abuse and was proven innocent. But his haters villainized him even after that and sent hate comments.

7. Lee Taeyong

Lee Taeyong was the center of toxic accusations. He was accused of bullying, xenophobia, and racism and was a scammer as a kid. The agency cleared up the rumors and proved that he was innocent.

8. B.I

Kim Hanbin got involved in a drug scandal and had to leave the boy band IKON. He came out to clarify that he did buy the drugs but didn't consume them because he was terrified. He got scrutinized by the media.

9. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang has been a target of racism because he was born in China. He got bashed for supporting a political party. He gets disliked by anti-fans for his rapping style.

10. Jiwoo

Jiwoo was body shamed when she debuted in the girl group NMIXX. She was a minor when she debuted in the group. She was blatantly body shamed and compared to other idols.