Article: 10 Blacklisted Korean Artists

The Korean entertainment industry is a beautiful place. It is a place where people fulfill their dreams of becoming superstars. Due to stress and constant judgment, some fall into the black hole of wrongdoings. But some celebrities fight for their rights and get kicked out from the agencies. Some of their past activities haunt their present. These are some celebrities who faced the ups and downs of the industry.

1. JYJ

The three members, Xiah Junsu, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jaejoong, left SM entertainment agency. They joined another agency, but the SM agency is a powerful entertainment company. Therefore they failed to appear on broadcast stations.

2. Park Si-Hoo

The actor got blackmailed by a model. She accused him of sexual abuse. This incident affected the actor in many ways. He was found innocent but lost many roles and disappeared after the incident.

3. Shin Jung-Hwan

Shin Jung-Hwan is a comedian. He got arrested for money laundering. He spent a giant sum of money on illegal gambling and was found guilty.

4. SNSD Jessica

Jessica was multitasking as an idol and a fashion designer. She left SM Entertainment Agency to pursue her career in fashion design. She got accused of stealing money to start her fashion label by the agency.

5. Amy

Amy dated a popular boy band member, but things went south after their breakup. She got arrested for consuming illegal drugs. She denied the allegations, but the prosecutor confirmed her arrest.

6. Super Junior Han Geng

Han Geng exited Super Junior because of the unjust treatment of the artist. The artist continued with his solo endeavors in China. He is going through a legal battle with SM Entertainment Agency.

7. Ji Soo

The actor got accused of sexual assault and school violence. He got replaced as the lead in a popular show. The producers of the show asked for remuneration from the actor.

8. Soojin

Soojin was accused of bullying by her former classmates. She withdrew from (G)I-DLE after she was not allowed to perform with the group. The singer was found guilty.

9. EXO Kris, Tao, And Luhan

The three members of popular boy band EXO left the SM agency after the expiry of their respective contracts. They continue to work as solo artists while fighting a legal battle.

10. BIGBANG Seungri

The actor was accused of sexual assault and unconstitutional sex by Kpop idols. He was proven innocent by the law. It was known as the Burning Sun scandal. He has permanently retired.