Article: Top Ten Japanese Live Action Heroes

Live action is a term used for movies based on novels or mangas in Japan. We love to fantasize over these fictional characters and wish they were real. In Japan, there are actors well-known to be as charming as these fictional characters and play roles in movies based on those characters. They try to make the live-action movies as close to the original. Below are some Japanese actors who play live-action heroes in movies and series:

1. Kento Yamazaki

27-year-old Kento Yamazaki is an actor and a model. He is a well-known face in most of Japan’s live-action movies. The actor is famous for his roles in L DK, Heroine Shikkaku, Orange, Kiss that Kills, Good Doctor, Alice in Borderland, etc. He is one of the most popular actors in Japan and has a fantastic career.

2. Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh is a Japanese actor under the company Co-LaVo. He is best known for his roles in Rurouni Kenshin as Himura Kenshin and Kamen Den-O as Ryotaro Nogami. He made his debut as a child actor appearing in commercials and magazines.

3. Taishi Nakagawa

24-year-old actor, host, and model Taishi Nakagawa is another famous live-action actor in Japan. He gained popularity through his roles in Closest to Heaven as Yuji Kira and Hana Yori Dango as Tenma Hase. He made his debut in When I was a Child as a child actor. He has done other live-action movies like Great Teacher Onizuka and Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler.

4. Mackenyu

Mackenyu Arata, well-known as Mackenyu, is an American-born Japanese actor. His father is the Japanese producer, actor, director, and martial artist Sonny Chiba. He became a famous face from his roles in Chihayafuru live-action trilogy as Wataya Araya and Rurouni Kenshin Saishūshō: The Final as Enishi Yukishiro. He has also done  live-action movies like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Code Blue: The Movie, Tokyo Ghoul S, etc.

5. Haruma Miura

30-year-old Haruma Miura rose to popularity with his role in Koizora as Hiroki Sakurai. He acheived the Best Newcomer of the Year for the role at the 31st Japan Academy Prize. His most notable works include Gokusen, Kimi ni Todoke, Boku no Ita Jikan, Attack on Titan, Gintama 2, Two Weeks, and many more. He made his singing debut with his first single “Fight for your heart.”

6. Tatsuya Fujiwara

Tatsuya Fujiwara is a famous Japanese actor. He gained international fame through his roles in Battle Royale films as Shuya Nanahara, Death Note films as Light Yagami, Kaiji films as Kaiji Ito, and The Incite Mill as Rikuhiko Yuki.

7. Ryosuke Yamada

29-year-old Ryosuke is a Japanese singer and actor. He is a member of Hey! Say! Jump. He rose to fame with his live-action role in Kindaichi Cas Files as Hajime Kindaichi and Assassination Classroom as Nagisa Shiota.

8. Sota Fukushi

29-year-old Sota Fukushi is a Japanese actor. He was acknowledged after his famous roles in Kamen Rider Fourze as Gentaro Kisaragi, Koinaka series and My Lover’s Secret. His notable films are Strobe Edge, My tomorrow your yesterday, Bleach, and Kaiji: Final Game.

9. Masaki Okada

33-year-old Masaki Okada is is a popular Japanese actor. He debuted under Stardust Promotion. He is famous for his roles in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as Sekime Kyogo and I Give My First Love To You as Takuma Kakinouchi. His live-action movies include Akko-chan: The Movie, Gintama, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Chapter, etc.

10. Masaki Suda

The Japanese actor and singer Masaki Suda is famous in Japan. He is famous for his role in Kamen Rider W, Assassination Classroom, Death Note: New Generation, etc. He achieved the Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Performance for his role in Wilderness and starring in My Little Monster.