Article: Top 10 Sad Songs In Chinese

There are a lot of sad Chinese songs which hold their place in the music culture of China. Music can make us laugh, feel comfortable or even make us cry.

1. I'm Not The One You Want

This song tells of one-sided Love, about a man who likes a woman, but the man is not the type of woman. Ultimately, the man can only accept that the woman does not love him. This music is a popular teary song from Singaporean Mandopop celebrity JJ Lin.

2. Fairytale

The fairytale song is from Malaysian Chinese Michael Wong.This music conveys a lady who does not consider fairy tales; she does not believe the lover will be his prince, but the music video of this song is pretty sad.

3. Shi Nian

Shi Nian is a popular song by Hong Kongese singer Eason Chan. This song talks about an affinity that does not end well. Lovers hold to break up, and they become only ordinary friends, just like ten years ago before they met, but there is a kind of gentleness that makes them no longer have a reason to hug each other.

4. The Girl

The Girl implies us about a relationship which didn't go nicely, "Standing strong isn't easy, I'm not entirely alright, we both own regrets, but life always goes on, Love can't be forced, approval takes time, the clear skies after the rain representing the travel I've been through, maybe there is no solution. The music was written by Singaporean idol Qiu Feng Ze.

5. Ten Years

Eason Chan has been a famous singer in Asia and Taiwan for the past 16 years. He is known for his gentle and natural way of singing makes. He includes been honored by Time publication as the rising of Cantopop. The media names him "God of Song" and "King of Asian Pop." The song talks about affinity. Ten years back, they didn't understand each different. But ultimately, they fell in Love and ended up getting heartbroken.

6. The Moon Reflected In Second Spring

The erhu, a two-stringed curved instrument with a box resonator, is the most prominent of all the Chinese tools. The Moon Reflected in Second Spring' was composed by Hua Yanjun, reasonably comprehended as Blind A'bing, a destitute road performer whose seemingly past contributed to his written music's sorrow.

7. Say Goodbye

Jay Chou is a songwriter, record producer, Taiwanese singer, rapper, television personality, and actor. This music conveys the beautiful memories of her lover's goodness, beauty, and smile after parting with her. With the lyrics so deep. The lyrics are pretty touching too.

8. Listening To The Sea

The music is perfect for making you feel sad. Listening to the sea, also known as Ting Hai, is a song from A-Mei. This song tells the story of when someone she adored considerably left her. "Note me a letter, and let it be our final covenant. Suggest me how you touched at the instant you left me."

9. I Won't Let You Be Lonely

The song I Won't Let You Be Lonely is composed by Mayday and is usually not known as a sad song, but it's an exception. The music conveys the tale of a man who does not like his girlfriend alone and does not enjoy his girlfriend, still sad and crying, while in the end, he gives up his girlfriend to carry on and overlooks him for the sake of happiness.

10. Snow Migrant Bird

Snow Migrant Bird is composed by Xiong Tianping and is also known as his best song. This music tells a sad tale that a migrant bird will not fly south to a more hospitable residence but eventually turns into snow in the complex world, suggesting that lovers choose to cuddle up to die jointly than split up.