Article: 10 Chinese Actors Over 40 Who Still Look Young

Celebrities are always in the limelight to looks perfect and attractive. These most famous Chinese dramas and movies leading men who have aging over 40 are entering their prime and still manages to look youthful and energetic despite a few fine wrinkles. Here are the ten most famous Chinese Actors over 40 who still looks young and have a handsome definition of growing old.

1. Donnie Yen

Born: 27 July 1963 (age 58 years)

Donnie Yen Ji-dan is a famous Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director, producer, action choreographer, and he is also a multiple-time world wushu tournament champion. Yen is amongst one of the top action stars in Hongkong. He is absolutely an example of healthy aging and is still ruling on the hearts of millions for his perfection.


2. Nicholas Tse

Born: 29 August 1980 (age 41 years)

Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung is quite a known Hong Kong actor and martial artist. Yet, it won’t surprise you if we call him the multi- talented as he is also a singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and chef in the profession. Nicholas did not show any sign of aging and still looks almost the same as of his old days when he appeared on Chinese variety programs in recent years. He has maintained his looks very well and looks young despite being aged.


3. Xiaoming Huang

Born: 13 November 1977 (age 43 years)

Huang Xiaoming is a quite famous Chinese actor, singer, and model. He has graduated from the Performance Institute of the Beijing Film Academy. Despite being 43 years old, he looks fit and young and is a Chinese heartthrob.


4. Wang Leehom

Born: 17 May 1976 (age 45 years)

Wang Leehom, also called Leehom Wang, is a Taiwanese- American singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and director. Fans are surprised and call out on actors for growing old like wine much better and more classy.


5. Wallace Huo 

Born: 26 December 1979 (age 41 years)

Wallace Huo is quite a famous Taiwanese actor. He is also a singer and producer and is known for his notable roles in movies and TV series the Chinese Paladin 3, At Dolphin Bay, Swordsman, Battle of Changsha, The Journey of Flower, and Love Me If You Dare. Despite being 41 years old, he looks fit and young and is a Chinese heartthrob.


6. Bosco Wong

Born: 13 December 1980 (age 40 years)

Bosco Wong is a famous Hong Kong actor. He is also a singer and entrepreneur. He gained so much popularity in the drama Triumph in the Skies. It seems the 40 years old actor doesn’t know to age as he still looks youthful and fit.


7. Kenny Kwan

Born: 30 December 1980 (age 40 years)

Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun is a quite famous Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actor. He performs for the music label Emperor Entertainment Group. He is the Philippines- born but later gets shifted to Hong Kong. In his 20’s he became a member of the band Boy's, now recognized as Sun Boys. Despite being 40 years old, he looks fit and young.


8. Jeffrey Kung

Born: 9 June 1981 (age 40 years)

Jeffrey Kung is well-known for his notable work in the world of Chinese hip-hop and pop music. This actor is aging well.


9. Vic Chou

Born: 9 June 1981 (age 40 years)

Vic Chou is quite a famous Taiwanese -born actor and singer. He is one of the members of the boy band called F4 in Taiwan. His popular series are the Meteor Garden, The Flame’s Daughter, and Black and White. Despite being 40 years old, the actor looks like a snack.


10. Jay Chou

Born: 18 January 1979 (age 42 years)

Jay Chou is a Taiwanese-born singer and songwriter. He is also famous as a rapper, record producer, actor, director, businessman, and magician. His popular series are The Green Hornet, Initial D, and secret. This actor proves even getting old is sexy and healthy.