Article: Top Ten Thai Dramas Where The Main Character Cooks

Thailand is a country that takes great pride in its cuisine but hasn't shown that enthusiasm in the past movies and dramas. Things are somewhat better, and Thai Tv dramas involve eating out with the other lead, cooking for them, or ordering food. Cooking for a love interest shows the main character's love for the other. Food gets used as a romantic gesture in dramas. Here is a list of the ten Thai Dramas where you can see such scenes.

1. Love Destiny

Love Destiny or Ketsurang is a 2018 historical Thai tv drama where Ketsurang, a student, and her friend Rueang get into a car accident, and when they wake up, they are traveling into the past. Ketsurang gets transformed into the daughter of the King of Phitsanulok. She impresses people with her knowledge (which she gathered from the future) and teaches people many things.


2. Ingredients

Ingredients (2020) is a mini-series about two friends who help each other to make their dreams come true. Tops, a young man, has been interested in cooking since childhood. Marwin is a young and playful guy who loves music and dreams of becoming a musician. His dedication to music is so strong that he didn't take care of himself until he started living with Tops.

3. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again is a romance drama adapted from the novel 'The Red Thread.' The plot started thirty years ago. Korn and Intouch were students in Bangkok. Intouch became close with Korn, unaware that Korn is the son of a crime boss in Bangkok. Their love started when homosexuality was getting unacceptable. Intouch kept fighting, but Korn decided to give up. Their story ended in tragedy and death. Years later, Pharm, a nineteen-year-old, returns to Thailand. He gets sad dreams, plagued with fear of loud noise and a birthmark on his temple, with a feeling of missing someone. Meanwhile, the twenty-year-old Dean is a university student at T-University. He felt the same, spending his life searching for a face he doesn't remember. This red thread of fate that tied them together in their past life pulls them close.

4. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop is a 2022 food-themed Thai mini-drama. A coffee shop is there that shares customer stories and advice through their orders. There is a different story to tell every day. Only the ordered coffee tells the story of their life.

5. What Zabb Man!

What Zabb Man! is a 2022 food-themed drama where the hotel owner falls in love with an orphan new cook at his hotel. Poon quits school and opens a stall before his rented house but fails to make much. He gets hired to work as a chef by his customer. The hotel owner, Tian, is a hot-headed businessman. Gradually, Tian falls in love with Pooh's food but doesn't admit it to him. This daily argument turns into something special.

6. What If

What If (2022) is a story of two neighborhood boys, Peach and Smart. Since childhood, they have had feelings for each other but never told the other person. When Peach goes to attend the University, they start to drift apart. This gap makes Smart understand his feelings for Peach. He decides to take the entrance exam to enter the same University.

7. Bite Me

Bite Me is a 2021 food and romance-themed Thai drama. The plot revolves around a Chef Master, Aue, who lost the championship. He tries to figure out what he lacks in cooking. He finds that missing something from a delivery boy.

8. Coffee Melody

Coffee Melody is a romance 2022 drama where a famous composer, Duan Yi, struggles to write his new project to compose a love song. His passion got lost until inspiration struck when he met a good-looking barista Pleng Ruk.

9. Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken is a food-based 2023 drama. The plot revolves around an ordinary guy, Jim, who runs a Hainanese Rice diner. One day, he meets Wen, who stays past closing being drunk. Intangible feelings arise, and they can't stop thinking about the other.

10. La Cuisine

La Cuisine is a food and romance-themed Thai drama. The plot talks about Ram, an architecture student, and Lukchup, a cute junior who studies Food and Nutrition. Ram is a picky eater as the easily bought food doesn't satisfy his tastes. Lukchup has a crush on Ram but never confesses until food brings them together.