Article: 10 Thai Drama With The Best OSTs

OSTs or Original Sound Tracks are songs exclusively released as a part of a drama or movie production. Here is a list of 10 Thai dramas with the best OSTs you might just fall in love with.

1. Love Destiny

Kadesurang is an archaeologist whose soul gets transferred into the body of Karakade, a woman living in the Ayutthaya era, almost 300 years ago. Karakade was a cruel and selfish woman, who in a fit of jealousy, attempted the murder of her rival but ended up killing a servant instead. When Kadesurang wakes up in Karakade’s body, she becomes immensely curious about the world she had only read about in the historical context she had studied. But for those who knew her as Karakade, Kadesurang’s behaviour made her a completely different person. Kadesurang


2. Tae Pang Korn

Rachawadee began working at a school situated near the remorse palace of the royal family as a teacher. On her way there, she spots a man near the palace. When Rachawadee finally entered the palace, she spotted a painting of a woman who looked exactly like her. Rachawadee later found out that the painting was of Jao Nang Noy, the bride of Prince Than Chai. When Rachawadee meets the man she saw near the palace and hears of the terrifying story that surrounds the palace, she slowly begins to realise that the man she was meeting was actually a ghost, the ghost of Prince Than Chai. A tormented soul waiting for his bride to return to him, just as she had promised to do when she had died in his arms.


3. Full House

Aom is a writer who gets swindled out of her house while she goes on a trip to Korea. Somehow, while trying to get her possessions back from Mike, the man to whom her house was sold, Aom ends up with a one-year contractual marriage with him. Slowly their relationship tunes into a romantic one from the business type they had initially started with.


4. Game Rai, Game Rak

Saichon is a young man living on Min Island. One day he finds a young girl lying unconscious on the beach. When the young girl awakes, Saichon figures out that she has lost all her memories and decides to take care of her until she can remember who she is. He babe her Nang Fah (Angel). As their days with each other increase, so does their love for each other.


5. Pan Rai Phai Ruk

Kemmik is an air hostess who loses all her trust and faith in love after a one-night stand with Seua. After this, she begins taking on weird jobs and gets hired by Saengsuda. Her task is to sabotage Phisaeng Saengsuda's love and to bring him back from the farm he had gone to work at. But unfortunately for Kemmik, both Phisaeng, and Seua turned out to be the same person. The heir to a large airline company, she was supposed to bring back.


6. Khun Chai Puttipat 

Khun Chai Puttipat is a doctor who make no time and no effort to find love due to his busy schedule. Curious to see if there was any woman who could make his head turn, his younger brothers send him to a beauty pageant, where he falls in love with Krongkaew, the pageant winner. Khun Chai Puttipat begins to realise that his happiness lied with the girl he had gone head over heels for and that he would do anything to win her heart.


7. Padiwaradda

Two families had agreed to marry their children once they became of age. Unknown to how much trouble and suffering this promise would bring in the future. At the wedding, the brides get switched and the one who ends up getting married is their adopted daughter, Rin.


8. Kleun Cheewit

Jeerawat is a model and an actress who lived a very difficult childhood. Her mother had left Jeerawat with her grandmother and married a rich man. After her stepfather attempts to drug her because of his lust for her, Jeerawat runs away. Unfortunately, on her way, she ends up killing a woman named Tiwadee in an accident. The victim's fiancée Valuev to be a lawyer who voted to take revenge on the driver responsible for the death of his beloved.


9. Leh Ratree

Ann is a young girl who gets sold off by her father in exchange for a debt he owed. Ann's father had owed a huge sum of money to some gamblers, and in order to pay them off, he ripped off the Pepper company. When he gets caught by the people of the company, he makes an offer to sell them his daughter, knowing very well that they could take very good care of Ann. And just so, Ann moves in with the Peppers and begins living with them.


10. Rak Nakara

Mai Mueng and Sook Wong meet each other for the first time at the funeral of Mai Mueng's uncle. Mai Meung and Sook Wong fell in love with each other at first sight. Mai Mueng did not like that he allowed people of foreign origin into his kingdom. But according to Sook Wong, the only way his kingdom could remain standing and independent was if his kingdom had an alliance with the French. As though their story had been set in the stars, both their fathers had willingly wanted for Mai Mueng and Sook Wong to get married to each other.