Article: Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols Considered Visuals Of The Fourth Generation

With their min-blowing talent and charismatic performances, K-pop idols are immensely talented artists who capture hearts. Apart from their performance skills and musical abilities, K-pop idols are famous for their mesmerizing visuals. These idols have gorgeous features and visuals that enhance their charisma. K-pop idols are usually some of the most visually appealing individuals, and it adds a layer of intrigue for the audience. Usually, K-pop groups have their target audience, and their concepts and looks depend on that. So, K-pop idols have different concepts and themes they like to portray to their audience. But, in K-pop, there is always a position available for an artist. Every K-pop idol has their strong point while training, which can be vocal, rap, dance, or a combination of some of them. The positions like main vocalist, lead vocalist, main rapper, main dancer, and the visual belong to the members depending on their strengths. The visual is a member that has visuals that grab people's attention at a glance and manage to captivate them. Visuals are charismatic when they perform and when they don't. In the fourth generation, many male idols get the name of the visual. These idols have various unique charms that attract people, whether it's a dimpled smile, a deep voice, a mysterious vibe, or sunshine energy. Here are the top ten male idols considered as the visuals of the fourth generation.

1. Yeosang

Yeosang from Ateez has some of the best visuals in the fourth generation of K-pop. The idol gained a lot of attention, not only for being a talented singer and dancer but also for his stunning looks. Yeosang is known for his prince-like visuals that never fail to captivate people. He has a calm but intense energy that translates into his visuals. Yeosang has a powerful, masculine vibe but sometimes looks just as good in a softer, calming aesthetic. Yeosang's bashful nature adds to his charms, and fans swoon over his visuals.

2. Felix

It is no secret that Felix from Stray Kids is one of the most popular male idols from the fourth generation of K-pop. The idol is known for his deep voice and mind-blowing visuals. Felix is a great dancer and rapper and has a jaw-dropping deep voice that always charms people. Felix is known for his duality because he is cute and goofy in general, but transforms into a striking performer on stage with sharp visuals that captivate the audience. Felix looks good in various hair colors and styles with clothes that only enhance his visuals. Felix is also famous for his natural beauty, like his freckles, which add to his charming visuals.

3. Beomgyu

Txt member Beomgyu is a visual that stuns people without fail. Apart from being one of the most talented and funniest K-pop idols, Beomgyu is famous for his breathtaking and dreamy visuals. With his breathtaking smile and charming eyes, Beomgyu flutters the hearts of his fans. He can pull off any style, from short to long hair and masculine clothes to skirts and more feminine looks. Beomgyu has delicate but sharp features that mesmerize people.

4. Hyunjin

Hyunjin of Stray Kids has some of the best visuals in the K-pop industry. The idol is a phenomenal dancer and has a captivating presence. But he also has jaw-dropping visuals with his sharp features, lean build, and prince-like aura. Hyunjin is famous for his striking visuals that mesmerize and capture people's hearts with how perfect he is. He pulls off different and sometimes experimental clothing aesthetics, hairstyles, and colors with perfection that only a top-tier visual can.

5. Juyeon

Juyeon from The Boyz is a visual that will leave your jaws on the floor. Apart from being one of the most talented dancers from the fourth generation, Juyeon is also one of the most charismatic male idols in the industry. He is the epitome of a visual, with his tall and muscular build and sharp features. Juyeon is a shy but funny idol off stage but transforms into a confident and sexy performer. Juyeon's fatal visuals are unrivaled, according to fans.

6. Sunghoon

Sunghoon from Enhypen is one of the most famous visuals among male idols in the fourth generation. The idol is a phenomenal dancer but is also one of the most handsome idols in the industry. Sunghoon has a very mysterious and cold vampire-like vibe until he smiles and reveals his charming smile with his natural fangs. Sunghoon has sharp and defined features, with a muscular build that captivates the audience when he performs. Sunghoon has gone viral during photoshoots and concerts for his out-of-the-world visual. With his introverted nature and charismatic visuals, Sunghoon proves why his nickname is the Ice Prince.

7. Haruto

Haruto of Treasure stole hearts with his youthful visuals but stunned fans with his deep voice. The incredibly talented rapper also has stunning visuals that never fail to charm fans. Haruto has sharp features and a charismatic smile that flutters the hearts of his fans. His deep and raspy voice adds to his charisma. Haruto pulls off and looks stunning in different styles, proving his solid visuals that are unbeatable.

8. Intak

When it comes to visuals, Intak from P1Harmony is always mentioned for his striking visuals. Intak is famous not only for his rapping and writing skills but also for his incredible looks. Fans are often in awe of his tall build, sharp features and almond-shaped expressive eyes, and Intak's perfect visuals often leave fans stunned. His confidence and charisma as a performer add to his breathtaking visuals. Intak has gone viral on the internet for his jaw-dropping visuals and fans have said that pictures do not do his visuals and presence justice.

9. Eunchan

Tempest member Eunchan is known for his amazing vocals. The idol also has some of the best visuals among male artists in the fourth generation. Eunchan is extremely handsome, with sharp, defined facial features and towering height. Eunchan is often praised for his visuals, even by other idols. Eunchan was a hot topic at the ISAC because of his visuals. Fans call him a prince because of his stunning visuals that look like he is straight out of a webtoon with the most perfect proportions.

10. Kangmin

Kangmin is the maknae of the K-pop group Verivery and became popular even before his debut because of his eye-catching visuals. Kangmin got complimented on his visuals during the group's pre-debut show. Kangmin now has some of the most popular visuals among the male idols of the fourth generation. Kangmin is famous for his duality as he transforms from his soft and cute aesthetic to a confident and charming idol, grabbing the attention of many with his handsome visuals.