Article: Top 10 Best Works Starring Veteran Actor Sung Dong-Il

South Korea has some of the best works in the entertainment industry with every possible genre. Korean movies and K-dramas are popular because they have impeccable storylines, great cinematography, and, most importantly, talented actors. Korean actors have immense talent and morph into the characters they play like chameleons. In recent years, Korean movies and Korean dramas have gained global popularity because of their quality. With top-notch acting and storylines, they are captivating and entertaining and have all of the audience's attention. Though the works of the language might be new to many, it has been around for a very long time. Korea is home to some of the most talented actors and actresses, highly appreciated by everyone for their acting skills. These actors are known as veterans because of their experience and versatility. One such actor is Sung Dong-Il. The actor is known as a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry because of his skill set. Sung Dong-Il is a household name among fans who regularly watch Korean movies and dramas. His 34-year career in acting shines through his roles with how well he embodies his characters. You cannot help but notice him, and before you know it, his character will worm his way into your heart. Here are some of his best works.

1. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is the best show from the Reply series, not just because of the plot, but because of the actors and acting. The drama witnessed phenomenal acting by the cast. And one of the highlights was Sung Dong-Il playing Deoksun’s (Lee Hyeri) father. Dong-Il became a fan favorite with his role as Deoksun's dad, a security specialist. He is a cheerful man who has debt but never pressurizes his family. His bond with his family is endearing, and he brings you to tears with how much he loves them. He showed the nature of a father perfectly and warmed hearts with how realistic he was.

2. Metamorphosis

In the horror-thriller movie Metamorphosis, Sung Dong-Il once again showed his versatile acting. He plays the role of Kang-goo, a father of three who moves into a house with his family. When a demon targets them, his brother Joong-su, an exorcist, comes to get rid of the entity. Tension runs high as the kids start fearing Kang-goo. Dong-il nailed the role of a father trying to protect his family, while the eerie situation complicates everything. His acting got high praise after the film was released.

3. If You Wish Upon Me

Sung Dong-il is known to play his characters so well that, the audience immediately gravitates and like his character. In the show, If You Wish Upon Me, Dong-il plays the role of mysterious Tae-sik, with a big heart, a crinkly smile, and a grumpy but warm personality. He runs a volunteer group called Team Genie at a care facility. He captures hearts with his story, his determination to fulfill the patients' last wishes, and the care he shows toward everyone.

4. Gap-Dong

The K-drama Gap-dong, inspired by the Hwaseong murder cases, is a crime thriller. In the show, Sung Dong-il plays the role of Yang Cheol-Gon, a detective who tries to catch a serial killer they named Gap-dong and fails when the suspect dies. Years later, when similar murders take place, the well-respected Cheol-Gon leads an investigation and is joined by the suspect's son from years ago. Dong-il, once again, is tremendous with his quiet and powerful role and stuns the audience.

5. It’s Okay, That’s Love

Sung Dong-il is known as a veteran because of his ability to play different roles with absolute finesse. In the romantic K-drama It's Okay, That's Love, author Jae-yeol has OCD and falls for psychiatrist Haesoo. Sung Dong-il plays Jo Dong-min, a psychiatrist working and being housemates with the female lead, Haesoo. He becomes the psychiatrist for Jae-yeol's brother and gets involved with a serious case. Dong-il showed his versatile acting while playing the grumpy but caring Dong-min, who helps and cares for everyone in the show.

6. Ms. Hammurabi

Sung Dong-il is always recognized for his roles and stands out with his acting. And that is the case in the show Ms. Hammurabi. In the K-drama, Dong-il plays the role of senior Chief Judge Han Se-sang. Dong-il is excellent as Judge Han, a loving family man but a strict judge. He is full of wisdom and tries to teach his juniors everything he has learned over the years. Dong-il perfectly portrays Judge Han as a mix of an angry and strict Judge while being immensely funny and loving.

7. Legend Of The Blue Sea

When it comes to Sung Dong-il's versatility, one cannot miss how he nails roles in every genre possible. One example is his role in the iconic fantasy romance Legend Of The Blue Sea. The show is the story of con artist Joon-Jae and the mermaid Ji-hyun. In the drama, Dong-il plays the role of Ma Daeyoung, a fugitive. Daeyoung gets hired to kill Joon-Jae and wreaks havoc in the couple's lives while trying to finish his mission. He even won an award at the SBS Drama Awards for his role.

8. Take Off

Take Off is a very famous Korean movie. The movie won many awards and was highly praised for its story and acting. The award-winning film revolves around the members of Korea's national team for ski jumping. Sung Dong-il plays the grumpy Coach Bang, who recruits members for the national ski jump team for the 1998 Winter Olympics. He forms a team with five out-of-practice skiers and trains them at the most unusual places to prepare them. Dong-il won the award for Best Supporting Role at the Blue Dragon Awards for his role.

9. Prison Playbook

Prison Playbook became the highest-rated series in the history of Cable Television in Korea after its release. The hit show revolves around the lives of convicts, their families, and officers in correctional facilities. Sung Dong-il plays the role of a veteran prison guard at the Seobu Detention Center. Ji-ho is the chief guard who resolves issues and incidents in the prison but is corrupt and swayed by offers. Dong-il perfectly executes the role of the corrupt but helpful prison chief and shows his versatile acting skills.

10. The Cursed

Sung Dong-il is a tremendous actor and transforms into different roles like a chameleon. In the horror-thriller K-drama The Cursed, So-jin is a teenager with shaman powers who teams up with a reporter investigating Forest, an IT company. And there comes Dong-il as the shady CEO Jin Jong-Hyun. Dong-il is phenomenal with his acting and shows off his skills as the possessed CEO.