Article: Top 10 K-Drama With Female Fighters

Nothing compares to experiencing a strong female lead in K-Dramas who can kick some serious butt. Korean dramas have a talent for delivering narratives and depicting strong female leads. Many actresses have showcased their talents by highlighting their charisma through such roles, which makes us admire them even more. Such genres include female leads with physical solid prowess, an expert in various self-defense practices, intelligence, and whatnot! Many actresses do their stunts by themselves and get trained actively for many months to prepare for their respective roles. Such narratives are proof of their firm determination, where they left an incredible mark on the K-drama industry.

1. Search

Search is a 2020 series where Krystal Jung portrays Son Ye Rim, a tough lieutenant who enlists in the special squad that is assigned to solve the murder and abduction mysteries involving numerous events that are happening in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). It was very exciting and appealing to see Krystal play such a role that she had never portrayed before. In the series, she is a strong, rigid, and ruthless character who has drawn the audience's attention with her incredible charisma. Krystal nailed her role in the series.

2. My Name

Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) is the daughter of a gangster who brutally gets killed, after which, to get revenge on them and to identify the police officer who murdered her father, Yoon Ji Woo decides to become a police officer. Without any doubt, Han So Hee did an exceptionally outstanding performance in the series and portrayed her role as a female fighter excellently making the audience admire her even more. Her character, Yoon Ji Woo, was represented as ruthless flawlessly. She handled all the physical fights and action scenes incredibly, which was almost difficult to believe. Han So Hee proved her versatility in all the roles she has played.

3. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a series adapted from the webtoon of the same name. Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang), a bullied high school student who loses his family in misfortune. When he moves to his new apartment, he encounters monsters progressively consuming the world. He fights to save the apartment with other tenants living in the same building. Among the tenants, Seo Yi Kyung (Lee Si Young), a former fighter, is one of them. Lee Si Young is known as an action star. She is known for working out intensely, and for her role, Seo Yi Kyung bulked up and worked hard to portray the strong and tough character

4. The Uncanny Counter

Kim Sejeong plays Do Hana, a demon hunter known as Counters. It is a 2020 series, based on a famous webtoon. Kim Sejeong plays an exceptionally flawless role where we can see her fighting with the evils effortlessly. The actress has done a remarkable job portraying Do Hana, her superhero character. The charm in her eyes when she defeats the crooks, bullies, and evil spirits, is outstanding and intriguing to watch.

5. Vagabond

Vagabond is a 2019 spy action sequel that depicts Suzy Bae as Go Hae Ri, a secret agent addicted to her drunken pranks. However, the behavior of a newbie agent must not fool you because, with pranks and sarcasm, she can turn into a beauty with brains who takes control during her missions and helps to disclose big conspiracies. Suzy has played a surprisingly remarkable role that left many audiences in awe. Through her character as Go Hae Ri, Suzy proved that she is not just a pretty face, she can take any role and rock it.

6. The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts is an 'enemy to lovers' type series that involves a South Korean Man and a North Korean Woman. The series portrays the story of Prince Jae Ha ( Lee Seung Gi) and North Korean agent Kim Hang Ah ( Ha Ji Won), and how they found themselves falling in love with each other. Ha Ji Won plays the role of a special forces instructor who is deadly with her hands, and throughout the series, she kills the strongest rivals without even breaking a sweat. The actress has demonstrated her action skills elegantly in the series where she portrays and delivers her role excellently.

7. Tell Me What You Saw

Tell Me What You Saw, is a 2020 series that portrays Cha Soo Young ( Sooyoung), as a ruthless detective with a unique talent i.e. she has an outstanding photographic memory. In the series, Sooyoung tries to resolve a mystery that includes a serial killer. The actress has an undeniable charisma that makes her fight scenes look so clean and smooth.  Sooyoung is a versatile actress who has showcased her ability to play various roles effortlessly.

8. Happiness

Yeon Sae Bom is a special agent who possesses quick reflexes, intelligence, and other unique qualities. She is allowed to move to a new apartment assigned to the government employees only because she pretends to be married to Jung Yi Hyun, her high school friend. Jung Yi Hyun is a detective who inquires about the spread of a new disease. The two main characters get trapped in the apartment as the disease spreads more, especially around their apartment. The character of  Yeon Sae Bom is portrayed well by Han Hyo Joo, who confronts the wrong people with her badass personality and abilities. The series portrays Han Hyo Jo as a fierce agent whose role captivated the audience’s attention with her powerful acting skills.

9. My Lovely Boxer

My Lovely Boxer is a 2023 series that portrays Kim So Hye as a female boxing star who vanished three years ago to live a simple life. However, she faces a turning point in her life when she meets a ruthless agent who manipulates results in sports and athletes for the sake of money. The series portrays Kim So Hye as a genius boxer who became a boxing star when she was 17.

10. Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles depicts Tae Al Ha (Kim Ok Bin), who has been trained since her teenage days to become a spy at her father’s orders. Tae Al Ha portrays a ferocious, badass, and influential female figure in a world where only male supremacy is acknowledged. She retains strong fighting skills and is not afraid to eliminate her enemies from her way.