Article: Top 10 Romantic K-Dramas On Netflix

From swoon-worthy romance to exciting science fiction, here are the ultimate popular K-Dramas that you have to explore. So, get set ready for the Roller-Romantic ride. There are lots of Korean dramas to binge on Netflix, yet there are so many that you might not know? Don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here are 10 out-of-sight  K-dramas you can watch right away.

1. I’m Not A Robot

'I am not a robot' is an awesome k-drama, a different story plot with perfect cast. Even though the drama is a fiction, it has soo realistic feelings.I’m Not a Robot is about a wealthy man (Yoo Seung Ho) who is allergic to other people and spends most of his time alone that ends up falling in love with a woman (Chae Soo Bin) who pretends to be a robot.


2. Coffee Prince

The K-Drama Coffee Prince is one of the Korean Dramas that appeared in 2007, several years after the bombing of Full House. Go Eun-chan, she acts like a man, although she is originally a woman in the drama. Choi Han-gyul is the typical rich, arrogant, and playboy character. The drama story really breaks gender rules and stereotypes and not to mention the comedic side which will entertain you even more.


3. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

This romantic story focuses on the usually uncovered, healing aspect of affection . A kind health care worker stumbles upon a children's book author, who happens to possess a mental disorder. Apart from the actual fact that the two leading romantic pairs are both stunning, this show will keep you stuck to your seats due to Gang-tae and Ms. Ko's Push-and-Pull dynamic. The New York Times pronounced this series together as "The Best International Shows of 2020."


4. Start-Up

 Suzy Bae and Nam Joo-hyuk stans will crave to let fall under this drama, which mixes comic with romance. The show centers around a gaggle of young individuals who are all wanting to start their own businesses. This being a Korean drama, in any case, the show is more rom-com (except the standard, like love triangles, meet-cutes, etc) than industry satire.


5. 100 Days My Prince  

If you are not already hooked into 100 Days My Prince, you are not doing life right.In 100 Days My Prince, Prince Lee Yul is forced to escape the palace after he discovers a secret that puts his life in danger. Yi-Seo, a woman Yul's age from a noble family who steps in to inform him how awful he's being. Yul instantly develops an enormous crush on Yi-Seo. The tale focuses on their next 100 days together, with Lee Yul living life as a commoner and their romance growing within the process.


6. Romance Is A Bonus Book

 Romance is a Bonus Book is a particularly popular Netflix Original K-Drama. This drama is based on the hit U.S. TV series Younger. This story is incredibly heartfelt and warm, leaving many viewers looking for more dramas to love. This Korean romantic drama follows a young and gifted top editor at a publishing house who finds his life tangled with a former copywriter who desperately wants employment. Soon the series bursts open with the lovey-dovey angle to form for an ideal Rom-com !.


7. Crash Landing On You

This drama mixes romance with comedy and ultimately tells the story of two star-crossed lovers. Yes, this is often that romantic Korean drama that you've probably been mentioned zillion times or the one you have already watched on loop. A South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-ri, gets captured during a windstorm while paragliding and finds herself blown wandering into North Korea. But far away from viewer expectations, she meets a North Korean military officer Se-ri who protects her and they begin a romance despite communal strife.


8. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol could also be a sanely straight-forward romantic comedy with an outsized helping of fluff that progressively gets more serious it goes. This show made me wish I had not completely given au courant learning the piano. The story centers around a wealthy pianist (Go Ara) who loses everything after her father dies and a mysterious part-time worker (Lee Jae Wook). The two develop a friendship at the private piano academy LaLa Land during a country village and what ensues next is typical for your rom-com type shows.


9. Goblin (Guardian : The Lonely & Great God)

This is the fourth highest-rated Korean drama of all time. Armed with top-notch cinematography, snap chemistry between its main cast and one among the simplest soundtracks. In fact, heartbreak and humor both go hand in hand here, with Goblin piloting to the perfect symmetry of both its romantic and comedic elements. The fantasy romance is about a modern-day goblin, Gong Yoo, who needs a person's bride (Kim Go Eun) to finish his cursed immortal life. This is a pleasing journey from start to end and a must-watch for fantasy fans.


10. Love Alarm

Love Alarm follows the format of a typical high school drama, Netflix’s latest original Korean drama. The show imagines a world where a Tinder-like app called a Love Alarm “rings” whenever someone within a ten-meter radius “loves” you. Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang) is the stereotypical “popular kid” in class. Concurrently, Kim Jojo (Kim So-Hyun) couldn’t be more different. Orphaned at a young age, Jojo lives together with her sarcastic aunt. The love triangle aspect of affection Alarm will keep you watching, even if it doesn't make tons of sense.