Article: Top 10 Underrated Chinese Actors With A Lot Of Potential

Some celebrities are known for their talent while some are just plain lucky while many celebrities remain unnoticed. There is a long list of celebrities with each passing day, and it is very logical that not every celebrity receives the deserved exposure. As with a large amount of talent in the entertainment industry, sometimes some get overrated while some get underrated. In this article, we will list about ten such underrated Chinese celebrities who should get better opportunities.

1. Lin Yi

Lin Yi is an underrated Chinese actor and model who deserves better opportunities. The model and actor rose to both domestic and international fame when he starred in the hit Chinese web series Put Your Head on My Shoulder which aired in 2019. Though he has gained a huge fan following, as an actor he didn't get the deserved recognition for his acting skills.


2. Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun who is also popularly known as Allen Ren was born in 1989. The singer-actor rose to fame after starring in the television series, The Glory of Tang Dynasty and Under The Power. The actor deserves more recognition and projects where he can show his fullest potential.


3. Luo Yunxi

Luo Yunxi is popularly known by, Leo Luo which is his English name. Luo Yunxi is one of the rising stars of the Chinese entertainment industry. The actor rose to prominence after starring in the drama, My Sunshine and Ashes of Love. The actor has been underrated for a long time and has been finally getting the opportunities that he deserves.


4. Xin Zhilei

Xin Zhilei is one of the underrated Chinese actors who should get better opportunities. The actress has gained recognition for starring in, Brotherhood of Blades II: The Infernal Battlefield, Crosscurrent, and Bunshinsaba 2. The actress has done multiple television dramas and films but couldn't get the recognition that she deserves.


5. Aliya

Aliya is a Mongolian ethnic person born in China, Inner Mongolia. The Chinese actress has played the lead role in quite a few web dramas, however, she got wide recognition for her supporting role in the television series, Novoland: The Castle in the Sky.


6. Chen Xingxu

Chen Xingxu was born in 1996 and started his journey in the entertainment industry as a child actor. However, the actor couldn't receive widespread recognition and continues to remain underrated despite doing several dramas and films.


7. Zhang Jing Yi

Zhang Jing Yi is an actress and model born in 1999. She acted in her first television series, The Sky of the Wind Dog. She has starred in quite a long list of films and television series despite being such young. The actress remains underrated and deserves a lot better opportunities in the future.


8. Li Yitong

Li Yitong is a Chinese singer and actress born in 1990. The multitalented artist debuted as an actor in 2016 as the lead female character in the web series, Demon Girl. Unfortunately, she remains underrated in the Chinese entertainment industry and hasn't found widespread fame yet.


9. Wang Kai

Wang Kai is a Chinese actor born in 1982. The actor has a vast filmography of both films and television series credited to his name, however, despite being a part of multiple films and television series, he has continued to remain underrated who should get better opportunities.


10. Li Qin

Li Qin is popularly known as Sweet Li. The actress has been credited with many films and television series. She remains an underrated actor and should get better opportunities.