Article: Top 10 Light-Hearted Korean Dramas

Any source of entertainment is an escape from the chaotic reality for the audience. Once in a while, they look out for heart-warming shows that can bring a smile to their faces. Drama, breakups, and murders are content that is already present in the world around them, however, light-hearted KDramas help them forget the negativity and have better sleep at night. So, let's sail through some of the Top 10 Light-hearted Korean Dramas:

1. Mr. Queen

An epitome of feel-good dramas, Mr. Queen was released in 2020 and it followed the story of an overconfident and modern-day chef, Jang Bong-Hwan, whose spirit one day gets trapped inside the body of Queen Kim So-Young from the Joseon era and gets entangled in a viscous palace mystery. He later met the secretive yet intelligent Prince Cheoljong, who was the supposed fiance of the queen. The story gradually revealed different layers of twists and turns, with a beautiful touch of comedy and romance.

2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

A refreshing and heartfelt drama of 2021 revolved around a city dentist, Hye Jin, who moved to a seaside village, Gongjin, after getting fired from her job. There, she met the jack of all trades, Chief Hong, who was also loved by everyone in the village. Eventually, they fell in love, which bloomed into a beautiful love story. From the supportive and realistic villagers to a healthy take on love triangles, this drama was heart-warming in every aspect. They dealt with the issues of a common man in a very mature and light-hearted way.

3. Let Me Be Your Knight

This drama revolved around Yoon Tae In, a renowned K-pop group leader who suffered from sleepwalking, and a mistaken doctor, In Yoon Joo, who had been forced to stay with him and the other 4 members of LUNA until he recovered. However the story revealed hilarious but heartfelt chapters, when they journeyed through realizing her identity, cohabiting with each other, healing from his ailment, and finding love amidst the chaos.

4. Yumi’s Cells

This unique webtoon adaptation brought out a beautiful live-action and animated mix to the screens. The story revolved around Yumi, a 32-year-old office worker who gets trapped in the monotony of her life and her brain cells, which depicted her internal perspective of life. After going through a breakup, her love cell went into a deep coma, until she met her crush’s friend Woong. Eventually, they developed feelings toward each other and went through multiple phases of a real relationship. This drama spanned 2 seasons and was admired for its hilarious and relatable take on live-action.

5. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

This 2021 webtoon adaptation revolved around Shin Woo-Yeo, a 99-year-old Gumiho who aspired to become a human, and Lee Dam, who had accidentally swallowed his fox bead. This bead was a necessity for his transformation, so he compelled her to stay with him until the bead was out of her body. Eventually, their circumstances turn into an adorable love story that is filled with drama and comedy, making it a great weekend watch!

6. I Am Not A Robot

This rom-com of 2017 revolves around MIn-Kyu, a wealthy and handsome man who lives a luxurious yet isolated life, due to his allergy to physical contact with human beings, and Ji-A, an aspiring entrepreneur who works as a personal shopper. They met each other when she was asked by her ex-boyfriend, Baek-Gyun, a renowned scientist, to pretend as a robot for Min-Kyu. This drama took dramatic and hilarious turns, when she had to live a life like a robot, when her secret was out, and their journey of healing Min-Kyu from his allergy blossomed into an adorable love story.

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

It was one of the most renowned dramas of 2016, and it revolved around a 20-year-old weightlifter with a bright and strong personality, Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon-Young,  a swimmer who was a free spirit with a traumatic secret. They met each other through coincidence but initially, Kim Bok Joo’s feelings blossomed for his cousin, Jung Jae-Yi. Eventually, they learned about each other and their connection from the past, which sowed the seed for their adorable romance.

8. Hospital Playlist

This drama revolved around 5 exceptional doctors and best friends in their forties, who have been together since their pre-med school and journeyed through different situations in life. Spanning 2 seasons, this drama had a refreshing take on medical dramas and focused on the aspect of friendships and romance amidst the stressful life of the doctors. It had a very light-hearted plot while showcasing the reality of the profession, which made this drama binge-worthy!

9. Clean With Passion For Now

This romantic comedy of 2018, revolved around Yoon KyunSang, a germaphobe who owned a cleaning company, and Kim Yoo Jung, a bubbly and carefree woman who worked in the same company. Later, they fall in love by gradually understanding and accepting each other, while helping him with his mental illness. This drama had a light-hearted and heartfelt touch to mental illness and its after-effects, which makes this drama worth a watch!

10. Welcome To Waikiki

This drama revolved around three friends, Kang Dong Goo, Cheon Joon Ki, and Bong Doo Sik, who struggled in their respective lives and careers and opened a guest house named ‘Waikiki’ to fund the production of their film. They meet different people on their journey and huddle through different obstacles on their way, which was hilarious and heartfelt, at the same time. Spanning 2 seasons, this heartfelt comedy series, revealed different layers of friendships, hilarious fallouts, and adorable relationships which gained this drama worldwide success.