Article: Ten Music Bands From SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment is an agency that houses some of South Korea’s popular bands and artists. The agency’s music groups were gaining global recognition even when the Korean wave was not so famous. The agency’s bands are known for their choreographies and the strong vocal lines. Many of the notable music groups are not in this list but it gives readers a glimpse of SM’s talent.

1. Super Junior

The group got global recognition through one of their most popular songs ‘Sorry, Sorry.’ It was established in 2005 as a 12-member group. But some of the members are not a part of it now. The group still remains popular, even though the music industry is filled with new bands.

2. Girls’ Generation

New fans cannot even imagine the immense popularity Girls’ Generation enjoyed at one point of time. This nine-member group started their journey in 2007. Though most of the idols now have individual careers, they also promote as an eight-member group.

3. SHINee  

Shinee’s first appearance was as a five-member group in 2008. Kim Jong Hyun, one of the members of the group passed away and since then Shinee consists of four members. The group is popular both in Korea and Japan.

4. EXO

This twelve member group debuted in 2012 as EXO-M and EXO-K, with the members being separated. As of now, three members have left the group. EXO members continue to work as a group and concentrate on individual careers in music and acting.

5. Aespa

This 2020 group started their journey with the song ‘Black Mamba.’ The group consists of four members and is one of SM’s recent music groups. Along with gaining popularity in Korea, Aespa members frequently perform in many shows and are internationally known.

6. NCT

This 2016 group is known for having limitless members and currently has 23 active members. NCT is sub divided into NCT DoJaeJung, NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, and WayV. The members of the group are actively participating in music videos as well as concerts.

7. Red Velvet

Red Velvet started as a group with four members in 2014 and became a five member group the following year. The group enjoyed success all over Korea and over the years has also become internationally popular. ‘Russian Roulette’ is said to be one of their famous songs.

8. Shinhwa

This 1998 group started with six members. The group is active even today but they are not under SM anymore. Shinhwa is officially said to be the longest running K-pop group. The members and the group as a whole has embraced new generation concepts but have not forgotten their uniqueness.

9. S.E.S.

The three-member group made its first appearance in 1997. Though the group was popular, it had severe competition from other girl groups of that time. They disbanded in 2002, just five years after their debut but reunited for an anniversary project in 2016-17.

10. F(x)

The group debuted in 2009 with five members. The group consists of only four members from 2015. Sulli, who parted from the group in 2015 passed away in 2019. f(x)’s members are now promoting as individual artists, but had a reunion in 2019.