Article: Top 10 Korean Choreographers In 2022

K-pop has become a huge sensation in the world due to its unique concepts, great videos and complex choreography. The songs become hits mainly because of the dance moves. These dance moves often make it to Tik-Tok trends and Instagram reels. Although the K-pop idols are amazing performers, the real genius behind the excellent choreography is often left unrecognized. The Choreographers put together their blood and sweat to bring out unique dance moves for each group. They spend hours in the dance room choreographing songs according to the concepts. It’s high time that we recognize the talent of these amazing K-pop Choreographers. Here’s the list of Top 10 Korean Choreographers in 2022:

1. Rie Hata

Rie Hata, popularly known as “Queen of Swag” is one of the most popular choreographers in the K-Pop industry. She has choreographed songs for groups and artists like BTS, Red Velvet, Boa and many more. Her versatile style can be measured by the fact that she choreographed two different songs – Bad Boy by Red Velvet and Boss by NCT. Her creativity and style truly know no boundaries. Rie has her fashion brand named Coffee Shop which is a hip-hop-styled fashion outlet. She also runs two dance crews, Queen of Swag and Rie Hata Tokyo.


2. Koharu Suguwara

Koharu Suguwara is a well-renowned choreographer and has worked together with Shinee’s Taemin on his projects like Move, Want and Criminal. Her dance style is a mixture of modern dance and street style. Apart from working with Taemin, she has also choreographed many songs for Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Shinee and Years and Years.


3. Sienna Lalau

The young choreographer, Sienna Lalau became popular after choreographing the intense song of BTS-Dionysus. This 19-year-old choreographer has been a part of The Lab’s junior team and has competed in the World of Dance competition. She has also choreographed the songs of Blackpink Lisa, BTS, Meghan Thee Stallion, Ozuna and Jennifer Lopez. She was also the part of the performance team of BTS’s viral Grammy performance on their song ON.


4. Haw

Haw is the leader at PREPIX dance studio, South Korea’s famous dance studio. He is known for his groovy street style hip-hop and popping. Haw has choreographed Beast’s songs like It’s Not Me and Beautiful Night. He has also worked with Jay Park on many projects like I Like To Party, Mommae, Solo, So Good and many others.


5. Kasper

Kasper is EXO’s main choreographer and also a dance instructor at 1Million Dance Studio. He has worked very closely with SM entertainment and has choreographed songs of EXO, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Shinee’s Taemin. He has choreographed some of the top hits of EXO like Ko Ko Bop, Call me Baby and many more. He is also the backup dancer for artists like Girls Generation, Exo, Shinee, TVXQ, Boa and many more.


6. Lia Kim

Lia Kim is one of the most popular and finest choreographers in Korean Pop industry. She is well known for her unique dance styles in which she combines hip-hop, contemporary and modern dance. She has choreographed songs like Hwasa’s Maria, Ever Glow’s Bon Bon Chocolat, Itzy’s Wannabe, Twice’s TT and Ooh Aah Ooh Aah. She has also served as a judge for several dance reality shows like Astro Battleground and World of Dance.


7. Bada Lee

Bada Lee is talented Korean choreographer and dancer. Her specialty is in Swag style hip-hop. She frequently holds dance classes with artists like NCT’s Taeyong, Ten and Got7’s Yugeom. She has choreographed songs like Exo’s Jekyll , WayV Action Figure and Aespa’s Next Level. Her dance moves are really impressive.


8. Mina Myoung

Former 1Million Dance Studio instructor, Mia Myoung is a dancer, choreographer and model. She has worked along with some top international choreographers for many projects. She has choreographed Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do, Bae Suzy’s Yes No Maybe, Mamamoo’s Gogobon, Viva’s Give me more and many others.


9. Aiki

Aiki gained popularity after competing in Mnet’s The Street Fighter competition in which she was the leader of the HOOK crew. She has choreographed many songs of Kpop artists like Jessi, Lee Hyori, Mamamo, Uhm Jung Hwa. She also choreographed BTS’s latest viral dancebyhallenge #Move4Gen1.


10. Son Sungdeuk

Son Sungdeuk is one of the main reasons behind BTS’s success. He has choreographed the group’s songs like Danger, Run, I Need You and many more. Even when he does fully choreograph their songs, he still takes some part in the choreography. He has overseen the choreography of BTS’s songs like Not Today and DNA.