Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Always Play Supporting Characters

We all love to binge a good Korean drama, be it a thriller, horror, or a classic romantic comedy. In all the dramas, the spotlight is always on the leads, but sometimes, the supporting characters steal the spotlight and leave an everlasting impression in our minds. They add that ‘X’ factor to the drama. Sometimes, you cannot even imagine the entire series without them. Be it their comic timing or an emotional support to the leads, they never fail to do their job. They may not get the lead roles but, always manage to attract the attention of the viewers and enhance the overall plot of the series. Here is the list of the top 10 Korean actors who always play supporting characters.

1. Ahn Se-Ha

Ahn Se Ha is a popular South Korean actor born on 29 January 1986. He started in the industry as an actor by doing a theater drama in the year 2011. After that, he starred in many movies, television series, musical dramas, variety shows and theaters. He is a very talented and versatile actor. His major projects include King the Land, Crash Landing on You, Dali and The Cocky Prince, She was Pretty, and many more.

2. Oh Jung Se

Born on 26 February 1977, Oh Jung Se is a well-known face in the Korean entertainment industry, known for his comic as well as sensitive roles. He debuted in 1997 with his first film Father, and after that, he acted in many dramas, movies, and television series. His one of most remarkable performances was in the drama Its Okay to Not Be Okay, where he played the role of the older autistic brother of Moon Gang Tae. His other works include Touch Your Heart, Its Okay to Not Be Okay, When the Chamilla Blooms, My Roommate is a Gumiho and many more.

3. Kang Ki Young

Born on 14 October 1983, Kang Ki Young is well known for his strong supporting characters in many Korean dramas. Be it a comic role or a villain he has done it all. In the mystery thriller drama Uncanny Counter, he played the role of the evil spirit and has played a comic character in many dramas like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. His best performances are in dramas Extraordinary Attorney Woo, What’s Wrong with Secreter Kim, I’m Not a Robot, and many more.

4. Park Jin Joo

Born on December 24, 1988, Park Jin Joo is one of the most loveable supporting characters. She usually plays the role of a friend, colleague, or well-wisher. Her cuteness, charm, and comic timing make her the most loved character in all her dramas. Her dramas include Her Private Life, Its Okay to Not Be Okay, Our Beloved Summer, and many more.

5. Kim Mi Kyung

Born on 14 October 1963, Kim Mi Kyung is one of the most versatile actors in the South Korean entertainment industry. From a loving and warm-hearted mother to a hacker, she has played all kinds of roles proving her versatility. Her role as the mother of Park Min Young in the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is one of the most affectionate characters. She had also played the role of a rebellious hacker in the drama Healer which was very amusing to watch. Her other major dramas include Introverted Boss, Forecasting Love and Weather, She Would Never Know, and many more.

6. Kim Sun Young

Kim Sun Young was born on April 10, 1976, and is a versatile actress in the Korean entertainment industry. She has played various supporting roles in many popular and chart-topping Korean dramas. Her most remarkable role was in the drama Reply 1988, where she played the role of Kim Sun Young a single mother who can go to any hardship to give her children a comfortable life. Her role in Because This is My First Life, as a strong and supportive mother, brought tears to our eyes by how she supports her daughter in a patriarchal family. Her other major dramas include Crash Landig on You, When the Chamilla Blooms, Romance is a Bonus Book, Her Private Life, and many more.

7. Hwang Bo Ra

Hwang Bo Ra born on October 2, 1983, is a South Korean actress known for her supporting roles in Korean dramas. She is known to play the role of comic characters in dramas. Her comic timing, funny expressions, and hilarious reactions make her effortlessly funny. Her role as the secretary of Kim Min Jae in the drama Dali and The Cocky Prince is the most hilarious one. Apart from comic characters, she also plays many important roles, that enhance the plot of the drama. Some of her hit dramas include Fight for My Way, Crash Course in Romance, and many more.

8. Im Won Hee

Im Won Hee was born on October 11, 1970, and is known for his comic roles in various hit dramas. He has starred in many globally popular dramas. When we think about a comic character in Korean dramas, Im Won Hee comes to our mind. His role as a competitive and cunning head chef in the drama Wok of Love is the most hilarious one. His character as a thug in the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is also one of a kind. His other hit Korean dramas include Crazy Love, Melting Me Softly, Hospital Playlist, and many more

9. Jang Young Nam

Jang Young Nam, born on November 29, 1973, is a well-known actress in the industry. She is often seen playing supporting but important characters. She is one of the most versatile actresses and has played many roles, from strong female characters to comic characters, she has done it all. Her remarkable role in its Okay to Not Be Okay has always been the most remarkable one. Her other popular dramas are Pinocchio, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Crash Course in Romance, and many more.

10. Kim Ga Eun

Born on January 8, 1989, Kim Ga Eun is a well-known actress known for her strong supporting character. She usually plays the role of the kind of best friend that everyone deserves in their life, comforting and loyal. She is the kind of actress who plays supporting roles but, leaves an everlasting impression in your mind. Her major dramas include King The Land, Because This is My First Life, and many more.