Article: Top 10 Zhao Lu Si Dramas

Zhao Lu Si has become a household name for Cdramas lovers across the globe. With her endearing and adorable performances and stunning visuals, she has won hearts across the world. Here are the top 10 of her dramas.

1. Hidden Love

The performance of Sang Zhi by Zhao Lu Si is nothing short of stunning. Zhao Lu Si brilliantly portrays the spirit of Sang Zhi, from her naive, young appeal through her growing up. Her acting brings Sang Zhi's character to life, convincing viewers that they are seeing the journey of a true high school kid in love and self-discovery. Zhao Lu Si's ability and passion have considerably helped to this drama becoming the highest-grossing Chinese drama of 2023.

2. Love Like The Galaxy Part 1 And 2

Zhao Lu Si's performance of Cheng Shao Shang in this enthralling play is very outstanding. Her ability to bring out the character's authenticity, depth, and intrigue is amazing. Zhao Lu Si's performance showcases her flexibility as an actor. She brilliantly embodies Cheng Shao Shang, showing her talent in a captivating and unforgettable manner, with a great combination of kindness, justice, and practicality. Her depiction lends depth and sincerity to the character's path of longing for family, making her performance a series standout.

3. The Long Ballad

Zhao Lu Si's performance as Le Yan in this historical play is very outstanding. Le Yan is a protected yet kind-hearted princess who is the daughter of Li Shi Min and Chang Ge's cousin and best friend. Zhao Lu Si expertly embodies the character's modesty and kindness while completely immersing herself in the part. Zhao Lu Si's ability shows through as she clearly portrays Le Yan's emotions, particularly her love for Shu Yu, making her the series' second female protagonist and a star.

4. Who Rules The World

In this martial arts and political drama, Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Bai Feng Xi is absolutely captivating. Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Bai Feng Xi demonstrates her versatility and ability to play roles that are complex and multifaceted. Her portrayal of a character caught up in a web of violence, politics, and love is nothing short of incredible. Her badass portrayal adds depth and authenticity to the series, making her an essential part of the story. Zhao Lu Si's talent truly shines through, leaving the audience with a lasting impression.

5. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

In this exciting drama, Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Chen Qian Qian is nothing short of delightful. She brings the character to life with incredible charm and comedic flair. Zhao Lu Si's acting was wonderful, displaying a natural, authentic, and relaxed performance. Her endearing character is made even more endearing by her adorable expressions and comedic timing, earning her a special place in viewers' hearts. Zhao Lu Si's performance undoubtedly contributes to this drama becoming one of the most beloved and memorable in the Cdrama world, demonstrating her talent and versatility as an actress.

6. A Female Student Arrives At The Imperial College

In this adorable drama, Zhao Lu Si shines as Sang Qi. Her performance is nothing short of incredible, as she effortlessly embodies the character's charm, humor, and adorable qualities. Despite the predictable plot, Zhao Lu Si's acting shines through with her genuine and amazing performance. Her determination to grant her brother's wish, make for an entertaining and delightful watch. Zhao Lu Si adds a layer of charm and humor to the series, making her character a highlight and testament to her acting talent.

7. Dating In The Kitchen

In this refreshing drama, Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Gu Sheng Nan is simply contagious. She embodies the character's bubbly personality as the perky, self-taught chef with charm and positivity. Her bright smile and occasional cute squeals give her character a distinct and endearing dimension, making her someone you'd want as a best friend. Zhao Lu Si’s acting is both heartwarming and hilarious, adding to the series' overall appeal and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

8. Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling

Zhao Lu Si's performance of Gu An Xin in this engrossing drama is nothing short of amazing. She perfectly portrays the spirit of Gu An Xin's personality as the lovely, independent, and likeable girl. Zhao Lu Si's portrayal draws viewers into her journey as she establishes an unexpected love story with the male lead. Her performance lends depth and authenticity to the plot, making her a popular character in the series.

9. Gen Z

In this beautiful drama, Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Sun Tou Tou is truly gripping. Zhao Lu Si lends depth and sincerity to the character as the twenty-year-old orphan who fights adversity with hard work and laughter. Viewers are pulled into Sun Tou Tou's path from survival to thriving, and Zhao Lu Si depicts her transition masterfully. Tou Tou is a realistic and charming presence on screen thanks to her ability to portray a wide range of emotions and the character's progression. Zhao Lu Si's acting elevates the series by making her character's quest for knowledge and sense of purpose both entertaining and heartfelt.

10. Love Better Than Immortality

In this cute love story, Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of Chun Hua is a delightful blend of wit, cuteness, and beauty. Zhao Lu Si's charming performance brings to life her character's journey from sacrificing immortality to pursue true love. She captures the essence of Chun Hua's quest in stunning costumes with her endearing and funny expressions. Zhao Lu Si's portrayal of the character adds depth and authenticity, making her a relatable and lovable presence in this unique plot.