Article: Top 10 Yamazaki Kento Dramas

Yamazaki Kento is a popular heartthrob among Jdrama fans for his handsome looks, he’s cute and can be hot at the same time. He also shines in his profession as an actor. He has rightfully been at the pinnacle of popularity for his fantastic acting and putting his character out in the best way possible. Here are the top 10 of his dramas to swoon over.

1. Alice In Borderland

This is a thrilling series starring Yamazaki Kento as the main lead. His exceptional acting abilities give Arisu, a young man thrust into a deadly game, great depth and emotion. Yamazaki's performance captivates viewers with a perfect blend of suspense and action, making this drama a must-see for fans of his talent and good looks.

2. Good Doctor

Kento Yamazaki gives an outstanding performance as Minato Shindo, a brilliant but socially challenged doctor. His versatility shines through as he portrays his character's complexities. Yamazaki's acting is a highlight of the series, especially when combined with his undeniable good looks.

3. Todome No Kiss

Kento Yamazaki shines in this mystery thriller as Dojima Otaro, a jaded host who becomes trapped in a time loop after a mysterious woman's lethal kiss. His acting ability shines through in this intriguing series, making it a must-watch for fans. His character is meant to have flaws and Kento slays those flawlessly.

4. Death Note

Kento Yamazaki captivates as beloved character L Lawliet in the live-action adaptation of the popular anime "Death Note." His charismatic portrayal gives the character a new dimension, making L even more appealing to fans, who can't stop swooning over his captivating performance and undeniable charm.

5. A Girl And Three Sweethearts

Kento Yamazaki shines as Kanata in this charming romantic drama. His portrayal of the talented chef, cold-hearted yet gentle, adds excitement to the story, and the adorable romance between the characters is a delightful watch for fans.

6. Rikuoh

In this heartwarming drama about a struggling tabi company's transition into making running shoes, Kento Yamazaki shines in his supporting role as Miyazawa Daichi. His performance adds depth to the story, showcasing his acting talent even in minor roles.

7. Water Polo Yankees

In this sports drama about the revitalization of a high school water polo club, Kento Yamazaki gives an outstanding performance as Mifune Ryuji. His portrayal of the character adds depth and authenticity, making the series a must-see for sports fans and fans of his acting.

8. Atom No Ko

Kento Yamazaki shines as Azumi Nayuta, a reclusive game developer in this business drama. His portrayal of an otaku businessman gives the character depth and authenticity, making the series a must-watch for fans of his acting and anyone interested in the world of game development. (LONG HAIR KENTO OMG.)

9. Mare

Kento Yamazaki delivers a compelling performance as Kontani Keita in "Mare." His portrayal of a supportive character adds fun to the series, making it a heartwarming and relatable drama. His comedic timing is amazing and he’s super adorable. The romance is heart fluttering and really cute.

10. Baseball Brainiacs

Kento Yamazaki shines as Ebato Mitsuteru in the sports drama, displaying emotional depth and dedication to his role. His performance enhances the series' authenticity, making it an engaging and heartfelt watch for sports drama fans.