Article: Top 10 Thai Revenge Lakorns

Thai lakorns are beloved among fans for their intense and engaging plot. The revenge lakorns are the absolute best as they show human nature and how the character takes their revenge and their journey. Here are the top 10 best  Thai revenge lakorns.

1. Kleun Cheewit

The Thai lakorn delves into the dark world of vengeance and obsession. After a tragic accident, Jeerawat, a successful and kind model and actress, becomes the target of Sathit's vengeance. Sathit, who lost his fiancé because of her, becomes obsessed with exposing Jeerawat's alleged evil intentions. As the plot progresses, love and revenge become entwined, resulting in unexpected twists. The lakorn’s intense and suspenseful storyline keeps viewers hooked. The show is toxic yet still popular.

2. Plerng Boon

This is a fiery Thai lakorn about the complexities of love, betrayal, and revenge among childhood friends. When Jai Rerng returns to her married friend's life, old flames rekindle, resulting in an illicit affair that shakes the foundations of their relationships. In this engrossing story of love triangles and emotional entanglements, drama and passion get you hooked.

3. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen

The story is one of love, betrayal, and vengeance. When a tragic accident connects Kin and Tawan's lives, revenge becomes the driving force between them. As their fates become intertwined, they become trapped in a cycle of rage and hurt, with uncertain outcomes.

4. Hua Jai Teuan

The lakorn is based on Park and Amawasee, two people whose lives are intertwined by secrets, betrayal, and love. Park seeks vengeance on his family, while Amawasee is forced to marry his younger brother. Park's heart yearns for Amawasee, the one person who has shown him kindness despite his cold exterior. Their journey delves into the complexities of vengeance as well as the power of love.

5. Hua Jai Sila

Tor is a mistreated child who grows up seeking revenge as a wealthy pimp. His path to vengeance takes an unexpected twist when he reunites with his childhood friend, Mingta. Despite his denial, she recognizes him. The show delves into themes of revenge, love, and how the past shapes the present. The action and Melodrama is top notch.

6. My Forever Sunshine

Paeng faces a tough life after her father's death. She ends up living with Artit, but their closeness leads to a life-threatening incident, causing Artit to despise her. After six years apart, they reunite, but Artit's hatred has only grown. She must fulfill a promise to his father, enduring his resentment. The enemies to lovers will make you swoon.

7. Leh Nangfah

Teepob despises Lallalit and plays practical jokes on her when she seeks his assistance in regaining control of her family's business. When two angels cast a spell on her, turning her into a bird at night, she discovers that only true love's kiss can cure her. However, she soon discovers that people dislike her, because she’s spoiled, and finding love becomes a difficult task.

8. Ra Raerng Fai

Yada's father falsely accused Chakrit's father of murder, resulting in a lifelong grudge. Chakrit exacts his vengeance by seducing Yada's sister and dumping her at the altar. Yada is enraged and seeks retaliation. A wild revenge game ensues, involving both siblings, with pranks and schemes that frequently backfire on them. But, in the midst of the chaos, love blossoms and the enemies turn into lovers.

9. Khaen Rak Salap Chata

In this intriguing story, celebrity Wat and pilot Tet have a strange body swap. They face the challenge of adapting to each other's roles despite their vastly different lives. The real question is whether their partners, Ginney and Kulanji, will be able to uncover the truth amid this comical chaos. The revenge is chaotic and fun.

10. A Gift To The People You Hate

In this one-of-a-kind story, a mysterious masked shopkeeper offers gifts to those who hold grudges. These gifts can range from embarrassment to causing the recipient harm or death. The question is, how far will people go to exact their vengeance on those they despise? The series delves into the characters' dark and twisted desires as they use the shop's gifts for vengeance. It depicts the ugliness of human nature, displaying pettiness, manipulation, and even heinous acts.