Article: Chinese Star Kids And Where They Are Now

The Chinese Entertainment Industry has some of the most talented actors, singers, and idols. Some get thrown into the limelight young and lose the playtime and fun enjoyed by their peers. Some Child Stars are lucky to extend their success till adulthood, whereas some see their fame fade into oblivion when they grow up. Here are some of the Child Stars and where they are now:

1. Fang Shu

Fang Shu, born in 1957, is a Chinese Film Actress who debuted as a child actor when she was 6, in the film Eternity in Flames (1964) in the role of Xiao Luobotou, and at the age of 12, the movie Red Star in 1974. She won the Best Actress award in 1986 for Sunrise.

2. Fang Chao

Fang-Chao was the Child Actor whose stardom was not a smooth path. Before he was 15, he starred in 30 films and Tv series. One of the hottest child stars in the 1980s had a tough time getting into film school to pursue further studies. Fang Chao got rejected by the Film Academy because of his height. Later he was spotted working as a waiter at a restaurant. Fang currently screens in many minor roles.

3. Wu Lei

Wu Lei, born in 1999, and known as Leo Wu, is a Chinese actor. He is called "China's Little Brother." He made his appearance when he was three in a commercial. He officially debuted in 2007 for the series The Legend and the Hero. In 2011, he won the Best Young Actor for the role in Mo's Mischief and was nominated for Best Newcomer for Nirvana in Fire(2016). Growing up in the public eyes, he starred in the Battle Through the Heavens in 2018, which marked his transition from a child actor to Bona fide actor. Wu Lei's power as a star is undeniable as he takes on more mature roles and will continue to reach new heights.

4. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong, born in 1997, is a Chinese singer and actress. She debuted as a child actor because of her family's strong connections, alongside her father, Guan Shaozeng, she was just 4. She got the nickname of the "Daughter of the people." She starred in 2004's Electric Shadows, Nuan (2003), Profoundly Affecting, and so on. Forbes listed Guan under Asia 2017's 30 Most Influential People.

5. Lawrence Ng

Lawrence Ng Lok-wang, born in 1999, is a Chinese fencer. He started as a child actor in 2005, starring in TVB programs and series like The Hippocratic Crush and Beyond the Realm of Conscience later became a Fencer representing Hong Kong at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. That was a surprise turn in his career. Ng participated in competitions like Junior World Fencing Championships and Asian Fencing Championships. His training paid off as he is ranked No. 7 in the world.

6. Elkie Chong

Chong Ting-yan, popularly known as Elkie Chong, was born in 1998 and is a Chinese actor. She starred in almost 20 TVB Dramas as a child actor. In 2016, she debuted as a member of the K-pop girl group- Clc under Cube Entertainment. While in Clc, she appeared in Korean and Chinese dramas and released her solo titled I Dream in 2018. In 2020, she officially terminated her contract and left the group in 2021.

7. Jacky Wong

Jacky Wong, well-known as Jacky Jai, was born in 1998. he was a Chinese child actor. Since 2003, Wong has appeared in almost 40 TVB Dramas and acted on the small screen and in countless advertisements. He appeared in big screen productions like the film CJ7. Over the years, Chinese viewers watched him grow up on TVB programs. Wong majored in Media and Communication at the City University of Hong Kong. In 2021, he announced on Instagram that he had moved to Japan to become a professional voice actor.

8. Leila Kong

Leila Kong, born in 1981, is a Chinese actress, professionally known as Leila Tong or Tong Ning. She appeared as a Child actor when she was 8 in the action-comedy film Once a Thief. She was cast in many TVB Dramas and pursued theatre and her career as a singer in 2007. Kong continued to stay with TVB until 2010 before she moved to programs by HKTV and RTHK.

9. G.E.M.

Gloria Tang Sze-wing, born in 1991, professionally known as G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving), is a Chinese Singer-songwriter. G.E.M is one of the biggest pop stars who debuted as a singer at age 16 after winning the singing contest- Spice It Up. Her career has been taking off in China, where she appeared on programs such as I Am a Singer and Sing! China as a mentor. Before starring as a C-pop sensation, she starred as a child actor in many Tv Programmes that were popular among the 80s and 90s kids.

10. Niu Junfeng

Niu Junfeng, born in 1992, is a Chinese singer and actor. He received direct admission to the National Academy of Theatre Arts of China. He debuted as a Child actor in 2002's urban comedy Jia You Jiao Che when he was 10. He learned Perking Opera since young. He stood out with his performance on the tv show Everybody Stand By. He also starred in the youth romance The Brightest Star In The Sky in 2019. He is still active in his career, and his popularity has not faded quickly.