Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Surprised Us With Their Acting

K-pop idols are known for being multi-talented, versatile artists. These idols are very skilled performers. Since they continuously excel beyond their boundaries, idols have ventured into acting. Since performance skills are a vital part of acting, idols have an advantage with their experience in performing. Throughout the years, many K-pop idols have acted in various dramas and films. Acting in K-dramas and films allows these idols to showcase their skills and build a fanbase through acting. Many famous K-pop idols play cameo roles in shows and movies. Some artists started with supporting characters, improved their acting, and became lead characters in movies and dramas. Here are the 10 K-pop idols who surprised us with their incredible acting skills.

1. Jisoo

In 2021, Blackpink member Jisoo made her acting debut alongside Jung Hae-in in the drama Snowdrop. The chemistry between Jisoo and Hae-in made this drama very popular. She played the role of the bubbly and cheerful Eun Young-Ro. Young-Ro is clumsy but compassionate. The character was complex because of the plot, and Jisoo showed the emotions and actions of Young-Ro nicely. Jisoo showed the intense story so well that it made fans heartbroken, and they praised Jisoo for her acting skills.

2. Im Siwan

Im Siwan has been a fan favorite with his recent movie Unlocked. Since the ZE: A member started acting in 2012, he is known to take up very different roles to showcase his incredible acting skills. With his role in Incomplete Life, he slowly became popular. He acted in various genres and surprised fans with his duality. He played the role of a con man, a cop, a prince, and even a serial killer and showcased his versality in acting. His recent role as a serial killer gave the audience chills, and they were surprised at how well he played the character.

3. D.O

EXO member D.O, has surprised fans again and again with his incredible acting skills. He played roles in various genres of acting. He showed how well he can act, as a prince in 100 Days, My Prince, a shy teen in Unforgettable and a reckless prosecutor in Bad Prosecutor. He captured hearts in Swing Kids, for which he learnt tap dancing. He recently stole the show as Astronaut Hwang in his movie The Moon.

4. Choi Sooyoung

Girls Generation member Sooyoung surprised us and won awards for her role as an ill patient in My Spring Days. She is known as a good actress because she is a natural at acting and never overdoes. She showed her acting skills in Run On, and I Married An Anti-Fan. She rose to more fame with If You Wish Upon Me, where she played the role of a bubbly and strong nurse alongside Ji Chang Wook. She nailed her character, and fans loved how well she expressed her character.

5. Rowoon

SF9 member Rowoon started his acting career by playing cameos and supporting roles. His lead role in Extraordinary You made him very popular for his acting skills, as he surprised everyone with how well he could act. His roles in She Would Never Know, Tomorrow, and The King's Affection made him one of the most popular young actors in the present because he can play silly, romantic, mysterious, and sad roles to perfection.

6. Minho

Shinee member Minho played a few roles, but his acting in Hwarang as an aristocrat cemented his acting skills. He played various roles in shows like Lovestruck In The City and Yumi's Cells. In 2022, Minho went viral for the drama The Fabulous, in which he played a professional photographer in love with his ex/ friend. Minho received praise for his acting skills, as he switched between emotions effortlessly and charmed the audience.

7. Yeri

In 2021, Red Velvet member Yeri debuted as an actress in the short film Mint Condition, and fans were instantly surprised by her talent. She played her role perfectly, and got praised for her acting skills. In the recent show Bitch X Rich, she nailed the character of Jena, a mean and bitchy student, and fans exclaimed how Yeri was surprisingly an excellent actor and exceeded beyond their expectations.

8. Taecyeon

Taecyeon is famous for his role in the iconic drama Dream High. Taecyeon became with Wonderful Days, Bring It On, Ghost, and Save Me. None of the shows surprised fans as much as his role in Vincenzo, where he played as the main antagonist in Vincenzo and stole the spotlight. The idol received high praise for nailing the character of naive Junwoo, only to be revealed as a cunning psychopathic President Jang. He surprised fans with his duality in playing the two contrasting roles and for being an incredible villain.

9. Seohyun

Seohyun, the youngest Girls Generation member, received praise for perfectly playing her role in her debut, Passionate Love. With her role in Bad Thief Good Thief, she won the Best New Actress award. Seohyun surprised fans and audience with her role in the Netflix movie Love and Leashes as Jiwoo who finds out about her co-worker's BDSM life. Fans were surprised at how well she played such a bold role. Her character Seulbi, in the show Jinxed at First, stunned the audience with her acting and chemistry with Na Inwoo.

10. V

BTS member V is an idol that always surprises us with his incredible talent and charm. In 2016, V made his acting debut in Hwarang, were he played the role of bright and friendly Hansung. Fans were surprised at how well V portrayed the innocence and quirkiness of Hansung. He received a lot of praise for his acting, and fans wish for him to play more roles in the future.