Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Went Viral For Their Hair Colors

K-pop is famous for its music and captivating visuals. K-pop idols are some of the most fashionable people in the world, but they are also very experimental with their hairstyles and hair colors. They are known to change hair colors frequently and switch up their looks, to the surprise of many fans. Depending on the concept and vibe of their music, idols transform their hair colors to match the vibe. Sometimes, artists change hair colors just for fun, when they attend events or during concerts. They often surprise fans by doing surprise reveals and leaving their fans' jaws dropped. Many K-pop idols are notoriously known to hide their hair colors and show them off when fans least expect it. So, fans anticipate and try to predict what new color an idol can dye their hair. Here are the Top 10 Idols who went viral for their vibrant and fun hair colors, from brown and grey to pink and red.

1. Tae-Yong

NCT leader Tae-Yong is known for being an all-rounder artist. He is also famous for his experimental style and colorful hair. The artist has been known for having many hair colors throughout his career. Tae-Yong has tried almost every color in the color spectrum and can pull off any color or style. According to his group's music and vibe, the leader switches up his hair and sometimes dyes his hair different colors for different events within a short period. The idol sported grey, black, pink, purple, and blonde hair, to name a few, but he went viral during MAMA 2017 when he stunned fans with his bright green hair. Fans were in awe of his jaw-dropping visuals and claimed he looked like an anime character.

2. V

BTS member V is an idol who is known to often change their hair colors. Since his debut, the idol has dyed his hair various colors. The idol is one of the most popular visuals in K-pop and highlights his looks with vibrant hair colors. From grey, pink, orange to green and brown, the idol had many hair colors. The idol shocked fans when he dyed his hair a vibrant blue in 2019. Fans exclaimed how ethereal he looked in such a vibrant color, and he attracted the attention of non-fans who were shocked by his visuals. Fans still wish for him to dye his hair blue again.

3. Yeji

Itzy leader Yeji is one of the most popular female idols right now. Apart from her skills, Yeji often surprises fans with her stunning fans. The idol had quite a few hair colors, but she set a new trend in the K-pop industry with brown hair with a pink streak/ highlight during the group's comeback with their song Loco. Many fans exclaimed how iconic the color and style were, and her hair color became a trend on the internet.

4. Hyunjin

Hyunjin from the boy group Stray Kids is a very popular idol and is often called the IT boy of K-pop. Hyunjin's visuals are top-tier, and he can pull off any hair color in any style. With hair in colors from brown to pink and blue, Hyunjin is a trendsetter, and people use his hair colors as an inspiration to dye hair. One of his most viral moments was during their Maniac World tour, where fans' jaws dropped at his bright red hair.

5. Jennie

Jennie is one of the most famous and fashionable K-pop idols. The Blackpink member went viral and started a new trend when she shocked fans with two-toned black and blonde hair during their comeback for How You Like That. Fans were surprised at how well she pulled off the color and how beautiful she looked. Many idols followed the trend of the two-toned hair after seeing Jennie rock the look.

6. Jaemin

NCT Dream Jaemin is known for charming visuals apart from his dancing and rapping. Since his debut as a K-pop idol, Jaemin never had his natural hair until 2020, when he finally dyed it black. He's had hair colors ranging from blue, green, blonde, and brown to blonde with blue highlights. But Jaemin is known for his iconic pink hair. In 2018, for their comeback with We Go Up. Fans were shocked by how well he pulled off pink hair. To this day, fans call his pink hair one of his best looks.

7. Sehun

Oh Sehun, the youngest member of EXO, has always stunned fans with his incredible visuals. The idol can pull off various hair colors and hairstyles and looks effortlessly handsome. Sehun went viral during the Wolf era for his rainbow hair. Fans were shocked at how gorgeous he looked with his hair dyed in shades of the rainbow and still call it one of his best hair colors.

8. Yuta

NCT member Yuta is not only one of the best dancers in K-pop but also very popular for his breathtaking visuals. He has a very cool aesthetic and always gets seen with different hair colors. He pulls off hair colors from blonde to bright orange, looking handsome in all of them. During their Superhuman era, Yuta stunned fans with bright red hair that he styled in a half-bun style.

9. Yeonjun

TXT member Yeonjun is known for being an ace in K-pop. The idol some of the best fashion sense in K-pop and experiments with different styles and hair colors. Yeonjun looks good in all hair colors, from red, blue to yellow. When he debuted his pink hair with a mullet, fans went crazy over his charismatic visuals, and he went viral on the internet for his pink mullet.

10. Karina

Karina from Aespa has some of the best visuals among female K-pop idols. She is known to pull off any style and look stunning. For their comeback with their song Spicy, Karina dyed her hair blonde. She shocked fans with the color since she always had darker hair, but regardless, they exclaimed about how stunning she looked with her long blonde hair.