Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols And Their Crushes

K-pop idols have been asked many times about their crushes and their ideal type. Many of them revealed about their crushes as well. So, here are some of the idols and their crushes:-

1. Jungkook (BTS) 

Jungkook, one of the members of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, has revealed IU as his ideal type crush. He also covers many of her songs. The idol didn’t hesitate to show her affection and respect towards IU. Jungkook also revealed that he brought IU's album and tried to grab fashion quotes from her.


2. Lisa (Black pink)

Blackpink's Lisa, in an interview, revealed her ideal type is Korean actor Gong Yoo. She also wishes to take pictures with him. She also confessed that her all-time favorite drama is Gong Yoo's "Guardian – The Lonely and Great God". When asked about the reaction toLisa’s confession, the actor thanked her and admitted that he was very flattered by it.


3. Hwasa (Mamamoo)

Hwasa said in an interview that her ideal type an innocent type, but when asked about her crush she instantly opened her social media and showed the account of Italian actor Michele Morrone. She also said she had been dating him in her imagination recently.


4. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Kyuhyun in an interview with MBC's Section TV revealed his ideal type is someone who looks pure and when asked about a celebrity who resembles his ideal type he said Jisoo of Blackpink.


5. Loco (AOMG)

In the episode of "Sketchbook", Loco confessed that Mamamoo's Hwasa is his ideal type, and wished to meet her. He also collaborated with her and his reaction was priceless. He smiles whenever asked about the collaboration. He can be seen often shy around Hwasa like a typical fanboy. 


6. Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

Though the idol hasn’t revealed the name of his crush, he said he became interested in singing and dancing because of him. He also mentioned that he was a huge fan of FT ISLAND and she is the reason why he developed interest in music. He further stated that he was too shy to confess his feelings to her.


7. Jackson Wang (GOT7)

Jackson Wang, in an interview with MBC’S Radio Star, revealed that his ideal woman is fighter Song Ga Yeon. He also mentioned that she has a healthy style with muscles appreciating her toned body. When he got to meet her in a show, he was too shy around her.


8. Rowoon (SF9)

SF9's lead vocalist, Rowoon on "Laundry day" confessed that he likes Red Velvet's Irene. No wonder she's a beauty. He was shy while confessing it.


9. Taehyung (BTS)

In an interview, BTS's V revealed that he likes Rachel MacAdams and Lilly Collins. He also admitted that his solo song Winter bear is inspired by one of the movies of Rachel MacAdams.


10. Jessi (P Nation)

Korean- American rapper and songwriter in an episode of "Showterview", when asked her crush, gave a hint and when the host guessed it correctly it was revealed that BTS's Jungkook is the one. She also wishes to collaborate with him in the future.