Article: Top 10 K-Dramas To Watch If You Loved Goblin

If you enjoyed the legendary and touching K-drama Goblin and want to relive its beautiful and romantic atmosphere, you won't miss these top 10 K-dramas. You will never be sorry about any of these.

1. Tomorrow

Tomorrow is your next must-watch K-drama if you are fascinated by Goblin. Both explore life and the afterlife, but Tomorrow adds a new twist by delving into youth, dreams, and mental health. It's the right combination of emotions and teleportation magic, seasoned with historical flashbacks. Please do not miss it. The acting is fantastic, and the trio of grim reapers is stunning. This drama will give you hope.

2. A Korean Odyssey

Both dramas are famous, with female leads who can see ghosts and male characters of supernatural provenance. Prepare for another amazing voyage that will provide you with the same delightful feelings. This one is fantastic; do not pass it up. It is an enemies to lovers so that you will love their heated relationship.

3. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Both films have a shared star actor (Lee Dong Wook) who shines in every part he plays, and both deal with themes of first love. This drama is a little darker, but its otherworldly charm and bromance will keep you interested. Lee Dong Wook will steal your heart with his charming looks. Season two gets way better plot-wise. Do watch it soon.

4. Hotel Del Luna

If Goblin enchanted you, Hotel Del Luna is your next enchantment. Both have immortal protagonists atoning for their previous actions, however, in this case, the girl is the immortal. IU's badass character will steal your heart with fantastic humor, imagination, and a gender twist. The cinematography is superb. The chemistry is sizzling, and the leads make a stunning couple.

5. The King: Eternal Monarch

The same screenwriter, the same enthralling blend of mystery and romance, and the same amazing female heroine who will steal your heart with her badassery. The bromance in this drama is also excellent, and you will appreciate every minute of it. Another important reason to see it is Lee Min Ho. He will make you swoon, as always, with his charms. Watch it for a fun time.

6. Doom At Your Service

Doom at Your Service, like Goblin, will enthrall you. Both shows have a supernatural romance premise in which the characters struggle with life and death. Prepare yourself for another emotional ride. The relationship is enthralling, and the male protagonists are attractive. The comedy timing is on point, and you will love the leads. They are genuinely well-written.

7. The Bride Of Habaek

While this drama may not live up to the expectations established by Goblin, it shines in its own right. It's a drama worth studying, with interesting otherworldly beings, cursed heroines, and a lighter tone. Nam Joo Hyuk's charm will make you fall head over heels in love with him. Watch it for him and the similar plot.

8. My Love From The Star

Both shows have a fascinating supernatural mood and excellent cinematography. While Goblin focuses on high-fantasy historical themes, My Love from the Star takes a modern approach with a murder mystery to keep you interested. Both the female leads are cheerful, pure, adorable, and relatable. The protagonists have undeniable chemistry and look fantastic together. Watch this fantastic supernatural drama to make your Goblin blues go away.

9. Legend Of The Blue Sea

With The Legend of the Blue Sea, you're in for a treat because both dramas share an intriguing premise of the past intertwined with the present. Furthermore, the bromance is incredibly endearing. Both dramas are amusing and adorable, and you will enjoy every minute of the story. The female leads are very similar, both chaotic and cheerful. You will adore this drama.

10. See You In My 19th Life

Both series investigate previous lives and love that transcends time. You'll be taken into a mysterious universe with magnificent visuals and a gripping romance that fascinates you. The chemistry is just as good as it was in Goblin. The leads bring out the perfect tragic love story, and we keep rooting for them. Do not miss the love story of the second leads; they are adorable.