Article: Top Ten Chinese Celebrities Who Are Divorced

Below are listed some of the celebrity couples who got divorced.

1. Faye Wong And Li Yapeng 

In 2005, Wong and Li married, and they later had a daughter named Li Yan. The pair, however, confirmed their divorce on 13 September 2013. "This is the end of this life for husband and wife," Wong said in a Weibo message. "I'm fine; you (should) be as well." Li said that he still loves Wong, He wished her luck and assured fans that other aspects like their daughter's custody and finances were in order. He said to Wong, "I wish you all the best."


2. Selina Jen And Richard Chang 

Selina's fans first found out she saw someone after a concert in Taipei on 29 May 2010. Lawyer Richard Chang had asked Selina to be his girlfriend, They married in 2011, but the couple split four years later. Selina emphasized that they did not make their decision on the spur of the moment. She said on Facebook that she and her husband did not manage their marriage effectively and that she did not fulfil the role of a good wife. She wrote, "I became a wife, but I didn't become a perfect wife."


3. Ma Yili And Wen Zhang 

Ma and Wen fell in love with each other during the TV series “Struggle” in 2006. They later married in 2008 and were blessed with a daughter that same year itself. However, in 2014, while Ma was pregnant with their second child, it was revealed that Wen had an affair with another actress Yao Di (姚笛). Although Ma forgave him after he made a public apology on Weibo, they eventually divorced in 2019.


4. Zhou Xun And Archie Kao

When Zhou and Kao announced their marriage publicly in 2014, many people were taken aback. However, work kept the couple apart, and rumours about their connection began to circulate. When another lady released a photo of Kao and her kissing in 2020, everything came to a head. She was suspected by netizens to be Kao's new girlfriend. This was reinforced when the lady shared a photo of a love letter she had written to Kao.


5. Zanilia Zhao And William Feng 

Many people have been waiting for this couple to start dating for a long time. People speculated that the two were dating because they had been in so many shows together. However, they just acknowledged their relationship's status in 2018. On October 16th of that year, they married. They welcomed a boy on March 8, 2019, but many speculated that the marriage was on its way out because the couple appeared to be spending too much time at work. The couple announced their divorce on April 23, 2021, with a brief yet clear remark.


6. Tong Liya And Chen Sicheng

Tong and Chen started dating in 2011 and married in 2014. They had one son together, and many people assumed the marriage would last. Chen, on the other hand, was discovered to be having affairs with other women in 2017. Tong forgave him, but the couple divorced on the 20th of May, also known as China's Valentine's Day.


7. Gillian Chung And Michael Lai

Gillian Cheong made headlines when he married in Los Angeles, California, in May 2018. Michael Lai, her Taiwanese husband, is a stunning doctor. They also publicized their second wedding ceremony in Hong Kong, Gillian Chung's hometown, in the winter of that year. In March 2020, those who envy folks who had two spectacular weddings discreetly divorced. Gillian Cheong has raised concerns about the circumstances surrounding his divorce, but Michael has stated on social media that "Gillian Cheong does not love him," sparking controversy among internet users.


8. Chun Delong And Austin Wang

Chun Delong and Austin Wang consented to divorce, according to local Taiwanese reports, clarifying that they were not separated due to an affair or property. Chun Deerung told the media that he wanted to tell his divorce story and that he signed the divorce papers when he had said enough.


9. Stella Chang And Song Sheren

Following her marriage, she progressively pulled away from the spotlight to focus on her family, which resulted in the birth of two kids. Stella Chang settled down as a housewife and focused on raising her children. A patriarchal spouse stood out against this backdrop. Song Sheren wasn't happy with Stella Chang's performance as a vocalist, and Stella Chang was eager to return to the stage. Due to their personality differences, the two eventually decided to split last year, and the divorce was finalized over the 2020 summer break. 


10. Winnie Lake And Sao Tiancheng

Winnie-ho gave a press conference to announce his stance on the divorce. Winnie-ho, who was celebrating their 30th anniversary, said the two had been at odds since early 2018. They decided to divorce after a year of talking to each other. When his divorce was finalized in early 2020, he chose to share it with the rest of the world. They agreed to divorce and stated that they would raise her together for the sake of their children's future.