Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Involving Exotic Scenes

Korean Dramas are known for their lovey-dovey rom-com and slow-burn romance. K-drama watchers love to watch beautiful stories portrayed in simple and realistic ways. However, some of the hottest and most steamy scenes that viewers can’t resist but watch it. The actors and actresses did their best to make viewers excited with their intimate scenes. Here’s the list of your favorite dramas where characters did more than Kiss and showed off the wild side of love. We recommend the top 10 Korean Dramas showcasing and featuring intimate and steamy scenes. The scenes will keep viewers on edge throughout the love-making process.

1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless is highly recommended if you want to watch the undeniable and sizzling chemistry between leads. The chemistry between Han Soo Hee and Song Kang has been shown through several intimate and exotic scenes. The drama featured many bed scenes where the characters had made out. Whenever the actors appeared on screen, they made viewers blush.

2. The World of the Married

The drama itself begins with the leads having quality time in their bedroom. The drama has so many spicy scenes that excited many viewers. When the main lead falls in love with some girl, and an affair starts, it shows both of them having many intimate and steamy scenes. Even the female lead shows off her wild, bold, and daring side to make her husband realize what he has lost.

3. Money Heist Korea

Money Heist Korea is known for its well-executed plot and chemistry between fellow actors. The craving chemistry between Denver and Misun kept the viewers on edge. When Misun took the first step and kissed Denver, both went on making out. The scene left no crumbs, and the actors showcased bold, daring moves.

4. Forecasting Love and Weather

Song Kang is known as the international playboy of the K-drama world. He has been paired with Park Min Youg in this drama. Song Kang and Park Min Youg both hit it in just the third episode of the drama. They slept together under alcohol, but the steamy bed scenes kept the viewers on edge. The scenes radiated enough hotness that viewers must take a sip of water to control themselves.

5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is famous for its bed scene. When Park Seo Joon and Min Yoongi confess, they go wild on each other. The two finally crossed the line of sanity. They Showed love to each other to the point that it created a heavy fever among the viewers. The steamy bed scene is one of the most memorable intimate scenes of K-drama.

6. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

The healing drama ‘It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ is known for its daring and bold female lead who didn’t hesitate to make the first move. She asks the male lead to sleep with him, and later when both develop bonds, the male lead kisses her, putting her down on the bed. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji portrayed the boldest and most intimate scenes in this drama.

7. Yumi’s Cells Season 1

Yumi Cells revolves around the life of a Yumi who works at a company and tries to find love through many methods. Season one showed off the spark between Yumi and Woong. The Kiss scene at the left viewers blushing. The drama also showed the individual lust side of both the characters.

8. Yumi Cells Season 2

Season 2 is much better than Season 1 when regarding steamy hot scenes. Jin Young and Yumi’s kissing scene went viral. The way both the actors kissed made k-drama fans go crazy. Even the couch scene when Kim Go Eun makes some bold, daring, and brave steps toward Jin Young is too hot to handle.

9. My Name

Han Soo He and Ahn Bo-Hyun gave the most steamy and bold scenes in My Name. Their characters both crossed the limits of bold scenes. The fans went crazy swooning over the hot bed scene where both showed off their bold and intimate side. The scene will be marked as one of the most exotic scenes to ever happen in the drama.

10. Squid Game

The major hit Netflix drama ‘Squid Game’ also contained exotic scenes such as the bathroom scenes. Some of the fans had the issue with the very intimate scenes, raising concern that dramas are getting more bold scenes now. However, in every aspect, the scene was well-executed. The actors did a great job.