Article: Top Ten Awesome Beauty Bloggers In The Chinese Industry

Lifestyle businesses are against a huge challenge: it's becoming increasingly difficult to work with up-and-coming digital talent without charging a charge. It's self-evident: brands use digital influencers' pictures, networks, and occasionally some of their skills, such as photography, writing, or even design. As a beauty blogger, your target audience will pick the products/routines you recommend, and in the case of fashion, it will select the style. It will also determine the language, tone, and type of content. Take a look at some of China's most fascinating beauty bloggers.

1. Junping Big Devil

Fang Junping (aka Junping Big Devil) is one of China's most well-known male beauty bloggers. Fang worked as a product manager for Chinese tech companies such as Sohu and Shanda Games before becoming a beauty blogger. His in-depth knowledge of Chinese internet culture aided him in starting his online blogging career. In March 2016, he went viral online with a three-minute short video in which he demystified the contents of a popular beauty product at the time, tone-up cream.


2. Mint Q

Mint Q, a beauty expert who bases her advice on substantial academic study and real-life experiments. She started writing articles in 2015 to explain the basics of skincare products from high-end companies like Estée Lauder and Lancôme. She taught customers, for example, which chemicals in anti-aging creams (such as retinol, retinal, and Vitamin C) were the most effective.


3. MK Liangliang

MK Liangliang, Lei Yunqi's online moniker, has over 1.4 million Weibo followers. In 2014, she started beauty blogging by posting makeup tips on Weibo and WeChat. Her qualifications as a makeup artist are a point of contention among her fans. Although many admirers enjoy her articles, many more consider her an amateur, making her a smaller power than the others on this list. MK Liangliang's followers, on the other hand, are devoted to her because of her kind writing style and nice attitude.


5. Milky

MILKY is the undisputed lipstick queen of Chinese social media, with nearly one million followers on Weibo. Her lips are regarded to be ideal for testing and presenting different lipstick colours and textures. Her enormous popularity has led to business chances with major cosmetics companies such as MAC, Nars, Estée Lauder, and others. She has recently broadened her cosmetic testing experience to include eyeliners, palettes, and brow liners.


6. Lin Yun jelly

Lin Yun appeared in Hong Kong director Stephan Chow's film The Mermaid. She has grown into a well-known beauty blogger with over two million followers on the community-based social media app xiaohongshu. She has been posting many types of beauty items, ranging from makeup and skincare to cosmetic surgery, since April 2017.


7. Zhang Mofan MOMO

Zhang Mofan MOMO, also known as China's Michelle Phan, is the country's most commercially successful beauty blogger. Sina Weibo named her the online influencer with the highest commercial value in 2017. Zhang has around seven, three, and eight million admirers on Weibo, Meipai, and live streaming site Yizhibo, respectively. She produces very amusing videos demonstrating cosmetic skills and skincare routines.


8. Lisa

Lisa's Beauty Blog is another popular Chinese beauty KOL with a large online following, with approximately 2.3 million followers on Weibo. Her site features a wide range of topics, including product reviews, beauty techniques, and lifestyle advice, as well as industry news and celebrity gossip. She is active on Weibo and WeChat at the moment.


9. Xiaozhujiejiezz

Xiaozhujiejiezz rose to prominence as a makeup artist after posting a slew of videos in 2016 in which she transformed herself into Yang Mi, G Dragon, Lu Han, and a slew of other celebrities. Xiaozhujiejiezz, who graduated from the China Academy of Art, likes to equate makeup to painting. She feels that a human face is similar to a canvas on which anyone can be drawn as long as they master contouring.


10. Rainie Tian

Originally from China but now based in Toronto Rainie has 349.5k YouTube subscribers, which is a respectable number. Her makeup-heavy films are educational, and her critiques and explanations are straightforward. She performs in Mandarin, but her texts are bilingual, so you can follow along to some level even if you don't speak Chinese. Her Instagram account, @raintainie, has 186k followers and is more fashionable than makeup.