Article: Top Ten Chinese Actors Involved In Brand Endorsements

Around the 2010s, the top Chinese celebrity brand endorsers were usually well-liked by the general people. Because there were fewer national celebrities back then, there was no debate about anyone being the fittest brand ambassador. The celebrities who made it to the list are individuals who are most well-known and liked in China. Celebrities in China face much pressure in 2020 to maintain a clean, positive image. In recent years, China has seen an increase in KOL marketing, which provides firms with new ways to utilize influence in marketing. Celebrity brand endorsements, on the other hand, are popular in China and are used in various businesses.

Brands in China employ a variety of titles for different degrees of celebrity connections to take full advantage of the fan economy and be able to work with multiple ambassadors. For instance, the most important partnership is brand ambassador, and they may only have one of these; then there is "brand friend", and you may have several of these; and then the specialized items or departments may have their ambassadors, as in YSL vs. YSL Beauty.

1. Zanilia Zhao

Zanilia Zhao is a well-known Chinese actress who has won numerous local Chinese television honors and is renowned as China's TV drama queen. Although she was not particularly active last year owing to her marriage and pregnancy, she remained the most commercially valuable celebrity endorser in China. Pizzahut, Hsufuchi, Meituan, Longines, Dior, and other businesses are among those she has sponsored.


2. Yang Mi

Yang Mi is a model, singer, and actor from China. With a revenue of 200 million RMB, she was rated third on Forbes China's celebrity list in 2017. Many cosmetics and fashion firms love her since she is renowned as the "Queen of Influencer Marketing." Michael Kors, Versace, Stuart Weitzman, Estée Lauder, and others are the brands she has sponsored.


3. Dongyu Zhou

Dongyu Zhou is a well-known actress in China. She earned the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress in 2016 and has since been seen in films, television dramas, and reality shows. She has previously worked for Pepsi, KFC, Rio, Wong Lo Kat, and other brands.


4. Liu Tao

Tamia Liu is a well-known Chinese actress who has received numerous accolades for best actress in China. Porsche, Lancôme, Chopard, BEAST, VIPKID, and others have her as a spokesman. As she adopts a decent mother and professional actress persona, Tamia Liu's brand endorsements are frequently luxury or child care products.


5. Faye Wong

Faye Wong is a well-known and well-liked Chinese singer, composer, and actress. In the early part of the decade, she was a spokesperson for several worldwide brands, including LV, CELINE, Motorola, J-phone (Japan), Baleno attitude, Pepsi, Jovell, and Head-Shoulders. Although Faye Wong was ranked first in 2012, her clout has dwindled as she has been less frequent in front of the camera in recent years. In 2019, she is still among the top 100 Chinese celebrity brand endorsers.


6. Jay Chou

Jay Chou is a well-known Taiwanese musician, singer-songwriter, producer of music and films, actor, and director. Over the years, he has shot numerous TV commercials and print advertisements. He represented Levi's, Motorola, Citychain Watches, Honda Yaris, Sprite, Kaspersky, Panasonic mobile, Yili Yogurt, DHC cosmetics, Colgate, Meters/bonwe, and other companies in 2012. Even though many Chinese celebrity brand endorsers had lost commercial significance over the years, Jay Chou was an exception. In the 2019 CelebrityZ commercial influence list, he was rated third.


7. Louis Koo

Louis Koo is a well-known actor and singer from Hong Kong. He is now the president of the Hong Kong performing artists' guild. Louis Koo regained popularity among Chinese Netizens as a result of his charitable contributions in rural China. Fiyta, Cadillac, Outes, Tanwan Lanyue, and others are among the brands he has represented.


8. Karry Wang

Karry Wang is a Chinese singer and actor who is a member of the TFboys, a popular Chinese boy band. With a net worth of 248 million RMB, he was listed among the wealthiest young adults born after the 1990s. Karry promoted the products such as Snickers, Stride, Lancome, iReader, KFC, Dior, Chunyue, Anessa on Tmall Super Brand Day. When he endorsed Anessa on Tmall's super brand day in 2019, it resulted in over ten million sales in just 13 seconds.


9. Hu Ge

Hu Ge is a singer and actor from China. He is well-known for his powerful acting abilities and high-rated television shows. He has promoted many businesses, including Hyundai, Pizza Hut, Minute Maid, Togocareer, Pingan, etc. Hugh worked with many brands to establish a trustworthy and professional image in the minds of target consumers.


10. Dilraba Cherry Dilmurat

Dilraba is a Chinese actress of Uyghur ethnicity who has quickly ascended through the ranks. She has starred in several well-known TV dramas with high ratings. Nikon, Mikimoto, L'Oréal, Estée Lauder, Adidas neo, Oppo, and others are among the products she has sponsored. Due to her look, she has recently garnered numerous endorsements from prominent luxury brands.