Article: 10 Korean Divas Who Had Undergone Surgery

It is becoming more and more common for celebrities to get plastic surgery done after the pressure and high beauty standards of Korea. It becomes really difficult for celebrities to overcome the comments they get if they do not look perfect, all these difficulties push celebrities to opt for surgeries and to correct anything they feel aren’t good enough, the insecurities are everywhere. Many celebrities do not like to admit that they have undergone surgeries or had any cosmetic procedures done on them.

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young who is known for her role in Her Private Life, rose to fame with the historical drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She had mentioned publicly that she had plastic surgery in high school for her eyelid and later got a surgery done for her nose too, after she was in an accident which broke her nose.


2. Park Bom

K-Pop idol Park Bom who is a member of the girl group 2NEI, has had a lot of surgeries done on her like double nose jobs, double eye lid surgery and has had her face retouched and there are speculations of her having breast implants too. Recently speculations of lip fillers have also come in the picture.


3. Yoo In Na

Even though she hasn’t ever publicly admitted to having any surgery done. There have been speculations about her having had a surgery done on her eyes and jawline. The actor seen in Touch Your Heart has been in the industry for a long time and any changes in her face gets noticed easily.


4. Jessi

The rapper and performer Jessi has openly admitted to having surgeries done and is very confident in her decisions publicly. She has had a breast procedure done, and later admitted to having double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty, and had revealed her previous experiences when an agency asked her to become more photogenic and how she regrets it now.


5. Minzy

She was in the middle of many rumors about her having surgery. Although the agency denied anything related to plastic surgery, she later admitted to getting a surgery done for her nose. She mentioned that she had suffered from rhinitis as a child and her singing and dancing was affected because of it, and that she had a correction surgery.


6. JooE

Lead rapper of the girl group Momoland, the K-Pop actor has admitted to having a surgery in high school for her nose. She got a position in the girl gang after being a contestant on the reality show. She has also been a brand ambassador for a makeup line called Baker for a long time.


7. Kim Ye-Won

Kim Ye-won had finally confirmed she has had plastic surgery done on her after many speculations behind it. Her face looks very different from her previous pictures, with a thinner face even though she has only had a nose job done according to her.  She also mentioned getting an ear surgery to improve her hearing.


8. Hong Soo Ah

Although Hong Soo Ah has had many speculations of multiple surgeries done, she has denied all of them except one which is her double eyelid surgery, which she has mentioned has been a reason for her progress in the K-Drama industry and had a huge impact on her self-confidence too. She is best known for her role in Nonstop.


9. Jung Chae-Yeon

Member of the girl group, DIA. Jung Chae-Yeon has revealed that she has only had a nose job which can be seen in her photographs from her past, and her nose looks more defined with a narrower bridge and sharper look. There have been many speculations about her having a double eyelid surgery but she has denied all of them.


10. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is the former member of Girl’s Generation, who is also known as the sister of the popular f(x) member Krystal Jung. Jessica is known as one of the prettiest members of the group, and there have been speculations of having a jaw surgery, and a nose and double eyelid surgery.