Article: Ten Korean Celebrities Who Left Their Studies Midway

Not everybody is interested in formal studies and it is time and often proved when a person who is not into studies succeeds in life. Not every domain of life requires formal traditional studying and people are accepting that fact more as each passing day. Though formal education is very important and basic also many dropouts shone in life without the formal degree of education. In the entertainment industry too, there is an artist who excels in their skills but does not possess a formal education degree. In this article, we have mentioned about ten South Korean artists who left their formal studies midway to pursue their passion.

1. Sohee

Sohee, whose full name is Ahn So-hee, first rose to prominence when she became a member of the girl group, Wonder Girls. Later in 2015 Sohee decided to leave the group. Currently, she has established a solid acting career for herself. As Sohee became a trainee at quite a young age of 12, she has always juggled between her studies and idol life. During the group's US debut preparation Sohee decided to drop out of High school.


2. Jaemin

Na Jae-min is a member of the k-pop idol group, NCT. The young lad was born in 2000 and has revealed that he had to once leave middle school to focus on his singing career. There is a sense of regret as he confessed that he couldn't make friends during his school Life as he couldn't give his full attention to school while juggling between studies and a singing career.


3. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is one of the faces of the current generation of k-pop. The talented artist even has found his own management company at such a young age. Kang Daniel once shared that he dropped out of school. Later he took the GED exams and attended Kyung Hee Cyber University.


4. Kim Hanbin

Kim Hanbin who is popularly known as B.I, is the former member and leader of the k-pop group iKon. Later he debuted as a solo artist in 2021. The talented singer and songwriter is known to have produced most of his group's songs and continues to produce for his solo career. The singer left school to pursue his singing career however he later resumed college.


5. Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk is one of the most respected and reputable comedians and entertainers of the South Korean Entertainment industry. The variety show host is known as one of the top MCs of South Korea. Yoo Jae Suk has always been inclined towards comedy more than study and left his studies midway to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.


6. Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron is a South Korean actress who debuted as a child actor, the actress rose to prominence when she starred in the hit South Korean film, The Man From Nowhere at the age of 10. Kim Sae Ron has revealed that she dropped out of High school later she took the exam of GED and got into University.


7. Kim Jeong Hoon

Kim Jeong Hoon is one of the South Korean artists who is known to be quite a good student as he was a student of dentistry at Seoul National University. Seoul National University is considered one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea. The actor later decided to drop out to focus on his entertainment career. Later on, he enrolled himself in Chung-Ang University Majoring acting.


8. Minzy

Minzy is popular for being the youngest member and main Dancer of the k-pop group, 2ne1. She got into the entertainment industry at a very young age. In 2009 she revealed that she left high school to focus fully on her career. Later on, she resumed her studies and graduated from university.


9. Hoya

Hoya is another South Korean actor and singer who left school to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. He carried on with his studies and later graduated from Daekyeung University.


10. Daesung

Kang Dae-sung is a member of the legendary k-pop group, Big Bang. The singer left high school midway to focus solely on his singing. He took the GED exams later on and got enrolled in University.