Article: Top 10 Fat-To-Fit Transformation Of Korean Celebrities

Though body positivity is on the rise as the passing days that doesn't change the fact that there is still a lot of body shaming, even if you are a celebrity you cannot escape body shaming. Society has made certain beauty standards and how one should look which is completely unfair. Korean celebrities are on the constant radar of how their body looks as the Korean beauty standard is very tough to maintain and different from the rest of the world. Koreans generally prefer thin as the perfect body size, so naturally, the Celebrities who were a little on the heavier side had no option but to lose weight if they wanted to fit into that Beauty standard. This is a list of ten such South Korean celebrities who went from fat to fit.

1. Kang Mi-Na

Kang Mi-na is one of the South Korean entertainers who shocked the world with her drastic weight loss.  When the k-pop idol debuted in the entertainment industry, she was quite chubby and as she was still a teenager her baby fats were very much visible, although she looked perfect, people did body shame her and now she has transformed from fat to fit.


2. Top

Choi Seung-hyun who is popular with his stage name, T.O.P is an actor and a member of the legendary k-pop group, BIGBANG. The multifaceted artist used to weigh around 90kgs before debuting as an idol. it was also revealed that once T.O.P was rejected at the YG's audition which is now his current management company because of his weight and hence decided to lose extra weight and later he did pass the audition and became the living legend that he is.


3. Joy

The Red Velvet member, Joy was never really "fat" but instead was a little chubby, and had baby fats around her face and body which made her look big. Joy was subjected to body shaming to an extreme point when the girl group had just debuted in 2014. Later in the following years, Joy gradually lost her extra kilos and baby fat. Currently, she is one of the hottest Korean celebrities in the entertainment industry.


4. Xiumin

Kim Min-Seok who is popularly known by the stage name, Xiumin is a member of the boy group, EXO. Although by looking at his fit body, hardly any person can guess that the idol used to be overweight. Xiumin successfully shed his extra kilos and became fat to fit.


5. P.O

P.O whose real name is PyoJi-hoon is a member of the boy group, Block B. P.O revealed of being on the heavier side in his pre-debut days while still during high school, and that he used to weigh over 100 kgs.


6. Yoon Doo-Joon

Yoon Doo-joon is another South Korean idol and actor who went from fat to fit transformation. Though Yoon Doo-joon was never really on the heavier side, his pre-debut photos do reveal that he had rather chubby cheeks and probably baby fats.


7. Seo In-Guk

Looking at his physique now it's impossible to tell that there was a time when Seo In-guk was slightly overweight. After a rigorous workout routine and a healthy diet, Seo In-guk achieved the physique that we can see now.


8. Kang So-Ra

Kang So-ra is a beautiful South Korean actress who went from fat to fit and stunned her fans with her lean beauty. The newly turned mother was slightly on the heavier side and weighed around 72 kgs, though she lost her extra kilos and turned from fat to fit.


9. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy has one of the fittest bodies In the South Korean entertainment industry, however, it wasn't always like that. During the airing of Dream High, the idol-actor was seen at her heaviest size, she soon went on to lose the extra fats and got a body that fits the Korean beauty standards.


10. Jihyo

Jihyo is the leader and member of the girl group, Twice. The k-pop idol was at her heaviest size when she participated in the survival reality show, Sixteen. She was badly body shamed. However, Jihyo didn't give in and indulged in an unhealthy diet, instead, she gradually lost her extra weight by healthy means and rigorous workouts. Now she has successfully transformed from fat to fit.