Article: Top 10 Singers Of The Thai With The Name Starting From S

‘S’ stands for star, singer, superstar, stardom, special, and many more. Music is a passionate sequence of thoughts, and feelings that connect singers to people. Social distancing has made us link to music more deeply and we are grateful for it. S stands for soothing, and soft songs that work like magic. We connect all these things to singers and to give the credit and in their honor, we collected some Thai singers starting from S only for you.

1. Suppasit Jongcheveevat

Suppasit, also known as Mew, is a Thai singer and actor. He debuted as a singer recently in 2020 with the release of his song called "season of you." It was number one trending on Twitter worldwide in 16 different locations. His debut album was released in 2021, "365", and was a huge success. He is the only Thai artist to debut an album that reached no.13 on iTunes' Global Digital Artist Ranking.


2. Sarunyu Winaipanit

Sarunyu, also known as Ice, is a Thai singer, actor, and entertainer. Due to his skills, he has often referred "The Prince of Smiles." He released his debut album in 2006, "ICE Sarunyu” and released a single, “Kon Jai Ngai”, of which he released its Japanese version too. He has won awards like Golden TV Awards for best TV soundtrack: and the 10th Nataraj Awards for best TV soundtrack for his song “Love Destiny.”


3. Sukrit Wisetkaew

Sukrit is also known as Bie is a Thai singer and actor. Also known as ‘Bie The Star' due to his rising popularity after releasing his debut song called I need somebody. After just two years in the industry, he became one of the most influential people in Thailand. He has won tons of awards and has a whole list of awards to himself.


4. Sorn

Chonnasorn Sajakulbetter, known by her stage name Sorn, is a Thai pop singer and internet celebrity in South Korea. She is a member of a South Korean girl group called CLC, which recently disbanded in November 2021. In December, she signed with Wild entertainment as a solo artist. She has her own YouTube channel as a Tik-Tok account with around 2.5 million followers.


5. Saharat Hiranthanapuwadol

Saharat, better known as Singto, meaning lion, is a Thai singer. He is the winner of The Star contest and the youngest of The Star of Thailand. Hence he is also known as The Star 5. His works include Pleng née, Hua Koi, Sa-dut Rak, Khae Dai Rak.


6. Saeng-Arun Bunyu

Saeng-Arun, her nickname is Tong, is a Thai singer-actor and a popular, versatile singer who mainly sings Mor lam (Thai-country music) and Luk thung (Thai-pop country music). She is a Thai singer from the Isan area of Thailand. She was a member of a former girl band Sieng Isan. Her active years in the singing entertainment industry were from 1994 to 2009. Although her nickname is Tong, her fans call her Orn. Her famous songs include Kor Moon Mark Mai Yark Rak and Rak Phang Lang Songkran.

7. Saksit Vejsupaporn

Sakshit, also known as Tor, is a Thai pop singer and a pianist. He was the lead singer and guitarist of the Thai band "Grand Ex' " which was active from the 1970s to 1980s. He sings pop and R&B genre songs. Tor released his first solo vocal album, Living in C Major, in 2007. He has also performed in the masked singer and reached the semi-finals. He has won many awards, including The Favourite Singer of Thailand at MTV Asia Awards 2008.


8. Sunnee

Yang Yunqing, better known by her stage name Sunnee is a Thai-Chinese pop singer. She is a former member of the Chinese girl group Rocket Girls 101. They disbanded on June 23rd, 2020. Her first solo single, ‘Don’t cry’, was released in 2018. She was the member with the most album sales more than once. She got nominated for "All Media Recommended New Artist of the Year" in 2019.


9. Sornram Teppitak

Sornram, Noom or Num, is a Thai pop singer and well-known actor. He released his first album in 1994. He has been in memorable lakorns- a genre in acting. He has given many notable classic hit songs in the 1990s. He is more notably known for his career in acting.


10. Satien Tummue

He is a Thai luk thung singer who is known by his nickname Aor or the epithet Sin La Pin Rak Ya. He used to play the guitar in college and since then his passion for music was created. His notable works include Prung Nee Kor Luem, Chok Dee Tee Me Ther Rak, Kwan Rak Kam Lung Tam Ngan, and Nam Ta Kun Pan. His last album came out in 2012, after which he went on break.