Article: 10 Chinese Shows On School Lovers

These programs give a cute  and sometimes nostalgic look into the lives of academy-age people who balance the complexity of love with their academic pretensions and particular intentions.

1. Accidentally In love

This drama revolves around a wealthy, hardworking girl who runs from home and enrolls in a prestigious university. There she meets a fellow batchmate who's also an emerging star and falls in love. This Cdrama depicts the themes of love and fellowship in an academic scenario.

2. Meteor Garden

This show is the Chinese spinoff of the Korean show Boys Over Flowers. This drama is about four boys, F4, studying at a university and falling in love. This show is based on love-hate relationships, class differences, and the characters' development in discovering themselves.

3. A Love So Beautiful

A girl falls in love with her neighbour, who is also her classmate. When they enter high school, she gathers her courage and confesses her feelings, but he rejects her, saying he must concentrate on his studies. As the story goes by, they enter a relationship that undergoes numerous difficulties before they eventually win each other's complete trust.

4. With You

This show focuses on a high school girl starting her new school after her father gets married. She falls in love with a cute Joe, is also attracted to the class rebel, and announces it. She makes her daily academy life intriguing with a love triangle.

5. Just An Encore

In  this drama, the girl who's neither a straight-A-Pupil nor has looks falls in love with her good-looking benchmark. On the other hand, her stylish friend is the opposite of her and has good nature. As the story progresses, the love between the four leads gets complicated, and the fellowship is tested.

6. The Best Of You In My Mind

This story focuses on the main leads studying medicine. She's brilliant but is ready to fall in love. Attending the same school is her school friend, who has a crush on her but nowadays dares to confess. One day he gets drunk and confesses, which changes their relationship.

7. The Love Equations

A creative and intelligent girl who loves to read mystery novels and spends  most of her time reading about them, falls in love with the school's most reserved and handsome pupil who's devoted and pays no essential attention to what others say and suppose about him. Impressed by her interests, it takes little time for them to fall in love to see if it lasts.

8. My Unicorn Girl

In this Chinese drama two ice-skaters who are also ice hockey players, by fate become roommates. As the guy main lead has facial blindness, the only face he can see clearly is of his roommate who is a girl. Later, they pair up as a team and win ice-hockey tournaments and fall in love.

9. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

An accounting student making ends meet for a living crosses paths with a  physics genius student. Due to reasons, they've to live together and end up having feelings for each other. Overall, it's a sweet and light-hearted show.

10. Skate Into Love

This Chinese drama is about two classmates who were ice skaters and childhood best friends and are now in the same university and, to seek revenge, fall in love with each other.