Article: Best Drama And Movies Starring Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak

Pong Nawat Kulrattanarak, born on 10th July 1978, is considered one of the Exact A-List actors. Since 2001, he has been acting, but had his breakthrough in 2008, Song Kram Nang Fah, as a cheating husband. This drama made him well-known to local audiences and earned him his first-ever award in acting. His other notable works are Dum Kum, Buang Rak Gammathep, Ngao Asoke, and Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter. He is noted for his acting skills.

1. Fallen Rainbow

Also known as Sai Roong, it is a mystery romance melodrama released in 2022, directed by Oh Kathadeb, starring Sammy Cowell and Pong Nawat. It speaks of the memories and the steadfast love of Maythinee for Aman, whose name she calls whenever she feels, for Pak, her lover, who died in a car accident, who was writing a breakup letter after being forced by her mother. With him gone and just his memories, she drowns herself in alcohol. However, what is shocking is that he is alive and is a thing under the name of Ponsithon. The title means Rainbow, which speaks of life lessons and memories.

2. Wanthong

It is a historical fantasy drama released in 2021, directed by Sant Srikaewlaw, starring Krit Shahkrit, Pong Nawat, and Mai Davika. A young, beautiful woman, Wan Thong, who rises to fight for her dignity, somehow gets involved with two men. She gets brought to trial as she was commended for being in a love triangle and couldn’t choose who to be her husband. Who will she end up choosing? The man who only loved her but treated her as an object or the man she loved but who wasn’t a one-girl kind of guy.

3. Déjà Vu

It is a fantasy romance drama released in 2020, directed by Wo Worawit, starring Pong Nawat and Esther Supreeleela. Win and Jane are lovers who one day are involved in an accident that killed Win. However, a miracle happens when Win is resurrected but has no me sort of her. It is based on a Taiwanese drama.

4. Mia

It is a romance drama released in 2018 and directed by Sant Srikaewlaw, starring Film Thanapat, Marie Broenner, Bee Namthip, and Pong Nawat. Thada and Aruna are a perfect couple with a beautiful daughter. Aruna’s cousin Kanya, upon returning from abroad, moves with her family. However, things start to get complicated when he gets sexually involved in Kanya.

5. The Second Sight

It is a horror supernatural film released in 2013, starring Mild Lapassalan and Pong Nawat. Jet is a man who can see what other people can’t, even his mother's death. Growing up he used this ability to his advantage with his professional field, as a lawyer to know about his clients and help him win cases. However, one night on Rama Bridge, there is a vast accident caused by Kaew, a tycoon’s adopted daughter, due to which seven people end up dead. He is handed her case as her defense lawyer.

6. Kahon Maha Ratuek

It is a historical thriller drama released in 2018, starring Oh Anuchit, Vill Wannarot, and Pong Nawat. During the Great East Asian War in 1953, there was a dreadful murder case in Bangkok. There were mysterious tattoos on the victim's forehead, ankle, and wrist. This investigation started a series of serial killings. This case is entrusted to Waytarng Phiromruj, the inspector of the investigation department.

7. Oum Rak Game Luang

It is a business rom-com drama released in 2020, starring Donut Manatsanun, Dom Haetrakul, Pong Nawat, and Kob Suvanant. In the university days, Giew and Tid dated. Years later, she is a famous strict director and Tid whose show is dying. Pin and Tid are married and are trying to have a baby. Pin becomes a housewife after quitting her job. As her system is weak, they decide to do GIFT. Giew’s ex-boyfriend gets married, and she tries to ruin his wedding and ends up getting fired. However, the embryo receives changed between them.

8. Lovely Jewelry

It is a business romance drama released in 2015, starring Pong Nawat and Lou Yi. Fang Zi Yan is a girl who comes from a low-income family and sells jewelry to take care of her disabled father and help out her family. Xia Luo Yi constantly tries to test Gong Yu Ye’s patience by always causing trouble in the Gong family. Her main goal is to get a divorce, as it was just a business alliance. One day, she left. He meets Fang Zi, who looks just like his wife, and for his grandmother, asks her to pretend to be his wife for money. This is until the real Xia Luo comes back.

9. Battle Of Angel

A beautiful new air hostess, Rin, is the class star and is envied by all, especially Noi, an average-looking air hostess who scores the top of the class. She meets a senior pilot, In, who falls in love with her. Rin’s friend introduces her to Ning, her new boyfriend, a handsome playboy co-pilot who is Noi’s brother.

10. Dum Kum

It is a rom-com drama released in 2009, starring Tangmo Nida and Pong Nawat. Not wanting to marry a man, Tuthiya, who looks down on country folk, Dum decides to paint her body black and pretends that she is an uncultured woman. She does this to make him despise her and to break off their arranged marriage.