Article: Top 10 Latest Korean Break-Ups

Relationships and celebrity break-ups are the biggest newsmakers in Korea, Fans are always very invested in the love lives of their adored celebrities and therefore even if there might be false dating rumours it makes a huge scene throughout the fandom. Here are some of the biggest dating scandals that have taken place recently they might be true or not-but definitely made ripples throughout the country. Dating can be really difficult on the celebrities who cannot even acknowledge their relationships in the public, or have to pretend they are fine for the fans

1. Lee Sung Kyung And Nam Joo Hyuk 

The onscreen romance was taken offscreen when the main couple lead from the drama, “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” started dating in real life. The fans were really happy about the news and equally sad at the news of their break-up, because it’s not every day you find a relationship so perfect and out of a fairy tale.


2. Kim Bo Ra And Jo Byung Gyu 

One of the biggest headlines in 2020 was the breakup of the co-stars who starred in the show Sky High together, they dated for a year and a half before separating, Jo Byung Gyu was been last seen in “The Uncanny Counter” and has also been amid bullying rumours, they separated after stating busy schedules as the reason.


3. Lee Joon And Jung So Min 

Jung So Min who was last seen in the Monthly Home Magazine had been together publicly with Lee Joon for about three years before they finally separated in June 2020. They both met at the sets of My Father is Strange, and their relationship was exposed by Dispatch, and they finally accepted their relationship.


4. Loco And Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee was seen in the drama Start-Up and is a renowned model, the breakup was announced in April 2020. Loco is a famous Korean rapper whereas Stephanie Lee is a Korean-American model and actress who was previously signed with YG Entertainment, and they announced they had dated in the past.


5. Honey Lee And Yoon Kye Sang

One of the longest dating couples who had dated for almost seven years before they announced their breakup in June 2020. Honey Lee is an actress, model and a singer who is also the 3rd runner-up of the beauty pageant Miss Universe 2007, and Yoon Kye Sang is a former idol with the group, G.O.D. turned actor.


6. Kai And Krystal 

Kai and Krystal from the girl group F(x) had dated for about a year and were even known as “Kaistal” as their fandom name and were accepted and loved by fans from both the fandoms but after having terribly busy schedules and not being able to take out time to see each other often they broke up on good terms.


7. Kai And Jennie 

Jennie from BLACKPINK and Kai from EXO made the big news back in 2019 when they cleared everyone’s suspicion about them dating, and confirming the news of their dating and breakup in just four months, the relationship was so short-lived, yet they were known as a power couple, but it ended on a sad note due to their busy schedules.


8. Crucial Star And Kim Jin Kyung

The couple dated publicly for eight months before their official breakup in 2020 January. Crucial Star is a rapper, while Kim in Kyung rose to fame with the Korean reality show Korea’s Next Top Model and has since made her acting debut. Crucial Star has since then, rumours have surfaced of him dating Heize.


9. Lee Joo Seung And Son Eun Seo 

They dated publicly for almost two years and confirmed their breakup in the month of February in 2020. They are both actors who met at the sets of a movie in 2016 named Showdown and their dating rumours were confirmed in 2018, but no clear reasons for breakup was given, and they stated it as personal business.


10. Park Seoah And Park Young Ho 

They didn’t date for too long, they dated for about ten months before they broke up in June 2020. Park Seoah is a former member of the girl group named Brave Girls and then after the leaving the idol group she became a broadcast jockey and Park Young Ho is a social media star who is famous on Instagram as a fitness model and trainer.