Article: Top Ten Korean Actresses Who Have Worked With OTT Platforms

Nowadays the internet has become a huge part of our lives and it's very difficult for us to be separated from it. The Internet has made a lot of things possible for us and made a lot of things easier as well. And even though the lines before make you think that this is a paragraph on the advantages of the Internet, it's not. It's actually a list of Korean Actress whose works have been released on the OTT platform which has become a big part of our life.

1. Kim Se Jeong

She is a well known South Korean actress and singer. She had made a name for herself as a part of the girl group I.O.I. Kim Se Jeong is a known name for the Kdrama fandom. She has acted in dramas, sung beautiful songs and also surprised us with her variety show skills. Her dramas Business Proposal, The Uncanny Counter and the show Busted! has taken Netflix by a storm.


2. Choi Sung Eun

A rookie actress of South Korea with enough skills to hold her own while sharing screen space with Ji Chang Wook and Hwang In Youp. In her Netflix drama The Sound of magic she along with her costars put us under a spell. It is the feeling we get when we watch an incredible magic show.


3. Kim Tae Ri

You might Know her from Mr. Sunshine and she doesn't disappoint in the Netflix drama Twenty-Five Twenty-One. The story revolves around a highschool student who wishes to become an athlete in the field of fencing and meets a man on the path of achieving her dreams. They help each other through difficulties and for the rest I won't give a spoiler.


4. Kim Hee Sun

In the recent Netflix Kdrama titled Tomorrow she mesmerised us with her acting. A woman who committed suicide meets her husband in the afterlife.They are both grim reapers and her husband who still misunderstands her and holds a grudge against her for taking her own life is her boss. The story is great and Kim Hee Sun along with her co stars brought it to life. The Lady in Dignity is also another notable drama of hers.


5. Choi Yi Hyun

A South Korean actress, Choi Yi Hyun awed us with her natural acting skills in the Netflix drama All of us are dead. It is already hard to act in a zombie movie but she managed to naturally present to us all the sides of her character. She does it so well we sometimes confuse her with her character.


6. Im Soo Hyang

This South Korean actress needs no introduction. She has already made her mark with notable dramas likeMy ID is Gangnam Beauty.  She is currently starring in Woori the Virgin, a Rakuten Viki series. The plot is very interesting and the wait for the next episode is hard.


7. Lee Sung Kyung

She is every mukbangers idol, more accurately her character Kim Bok Joo. A weightlifting fairy and a food warrior Kim Bok Joo is like the best friend we all wish to have. Her recent drama Shooting Stars in Rakuten Viki is a feast where we have comedy, melodrama and everything that makes a drama great. It's currently ongoing and the intriguing plot makes it harder to wait.


8. Lee Hye Ri

She is a known name among the Kdrama lovers with her lead roles in dramas like Reply 1988 and My Roommate is a Gumiho. Her recent drama Moonshine also showcases her talent and natural ability to act. She brings her characters to life very easily.


9. Jo Bo Ah

An incredible actress, Jo Bo Ah has never disappointed us. All her characters have numerous shades in them and she portrays them beautifully be it the drama, My Strange Hero or Forest. She was great in both. Her character in her recent drama Military Prosecutor Doberman was without a doubt badass.


10. Park Min Young

I am sure it's a known name for you. It's hard not to know her as a Kdrama fan. She has been in the show Busted! and in many dramas like What's wrong with Secretary Kim? , Healer, Her Private Life and the list is really long. In her recent drama Forecasting Love and Weather, she doesn't disappoint us.