Article: Top 10 Most Fashionable K-Pop Idols

Fashion is everywhere in our lives. It helps us to express our creativity and vision. The clothes one wears can portray one's personality and also have an effect on one's confidence. People express their beliefs, vision, and personal style with their fashion. K-pop has been famous for its music and fashion. Idols often get recognized for their fashion. Artists are known to be styled by professionals during their music videos, performances, and events. Given the opportunity to showcase their style, idols have always displayed their personal preferences and have been viral for their creative and unique tastes. Few artists are not only in the industry but globally for their visually stunning and impeccable fashion and are praised for being trendsetters in the industry.

1. G- Dragon

Big Bang member G-Dragon is called a fashion legend in K-pop because he became a trendsetter with his unique fashion. From famous brands to unique and casual streetwear, the idol rocked all styles with ease and is often known as the Ultimate Fashion Icon of Korea. His clothing line became very popular as fans loved his style. As a fan of shoes, he even teamed up with Nike. The rapper also customizes designer bags and shoes and is famous globally for his out-of-the-box fashion.

2. Kai

Kai of EXO is very popular and is known for going viral for his style. He is even popular among idols for his bold fashion and style. Kai loves fashion and wears a wide range of clothes, adding his touch. He is also famous among fans for wearing crop tops and other unique outfits. In an interview, Kai said that he used clothes to express himself.  He often gets invited to fashion shows. He is a Gucci Ambassador and even launched his line.

3. Hwasa

In fashion, Hwasa stands out because of her confidence. She is bold, fun and confident. Hwasa styles different prints and patterns with fun accessories. Though she received backlash from many people, Hwasa promotes confidence and body positivity. Some of her viral looks include her red outfit during the MAMA awards and her outfits in her 'Twit' music video in which she wore a transparent plastic suit on top of a swimsuit.

4. Jennie

Jennie is one of the most fashionable female idols. Jennie is known for her iconic chic girl looks. From feminine, chic outfits to edgy, fun clothes, Jennie wears everything with grace. She balances her style by wearing chic, elegant outfits, causal fits and bold, edgy outfits.  Jennie released a sunglass collection called Jentle Monster and a clothing line with Calvin Klein. For all fashion lovers, Jennie's looks are an inspo.

5. V

BTS's V is known for boldness and creativity. He’s fun and experimental with his fashion. His looks are flashy, colorful outfits with different prints, statement pieces, clean suits, and neutral colors. He looks good even in very unique and unconventional pieces. V styles trench coats, baggy sweaters, turtlenecks, and simple hoodies in the most fashionable ways. V shows his artistic style and fashion and uses many trendy accessories as well.

6. Taeyong

NCT leader Taeyong is popular for his experimental fashion and beauty sense. Taeyong often goes viral for his airport fashion and often surprises fans by sporting cool and fun clothes and accessories.  Taeyong also changes his hair color often, ranging from blonde, green, red and blond, purple and blue and pink, to match the vibe of his outfits.

7. Somi

Somi is very popular for her chic and fun fashion sense. She has an It girl vibe with her trendy outfits and wears them with a lot of accessories. Somi’s outfits from her music videos XOXO and DUMB DUMB are some of her iconic looks. Her fashion is fun and colorful but edgy as well. For Gen-Z fans, Somi is definitely a trendsetter.

8. CL

CL is famous as a fashion icon in K-pop. She wears unique and bold outfits and is often called the baddie. CL pulls off denim-on-denim looks, poofy tulle dresses, and sleek bodysuits with confidence. Some of her iconic looks are from her music video for the songs Tie a Cherry, Spicy, and the bead-encrusted headpiece she wore in her song Hello Bitches music video.

9. The 8

SEVENTEEN member Xu Minghao, also called The8, is a true fashionista. The8 is always the best-dressed person, no matter where he goes. The idol's looks consist of casual wear, street fashion with cool sneakers, chic suits, and formal wear. His most viral fashionable moment was when he wore a bright neon tracksuit to the airport, shocking fans with his choice. He is vocal about fashion being more than just a gender and wears some of the coolest outfits fans have seen.

10. Hyunjin

Stray Kids member Hyunjin is one of the most trendy idols. Hyunjin's style consists of cool streetwear and chic, minimalistic clothes to high fashion wear. Hyunjin often matches his clothes with minimal accessories. Hyunjin also has long hair, which is very popular in K-pop now. Recently, he went viral for his bright red hair and all-black outfit. Hyujin's fashion is comfortable yet stylish.