Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Streaming On Netflix

With the Hallyu wave taking over the entertainment industry, Korean dramas have become extremely popular and are the comfort shows for many. With many genres like romance, historical dramas, action, and thriller, K-dramas have various options for the audience and garner a wide range of viewers. K-dramas are worldwide now, and the plotlines, cinematography, and the chemistry between the actors attract viewers like moths to a flame. Streaming platforms choose to invest in Korean dramas and make Netflix original K-dramas as well because of the popularity of the genre. Netflix is a platform known to have some of the best Korean shows available to stream. Netflix also has original shows that are some of the most buzzing dramas. These shows are some of the most trending shows that are a must-watch.

1. Twenty- Five Twenty- One

This romantic drama is the story of individuals during the Korean Financial Crisis and in 2022. In 1998, Na Hee-do was a fencer in her high school team. After many difficulties, she joined the national fencing team. Yi-jin struggles for a living after his family business goes bankrupt. The two lost souls form a bond of friendship and love, but life gets in between. This show is a nostalgic tale of friendship and love.

2. The Glory

The Glory is a dark and compelling tale of revenge. Song Hye-Kyo plays Dong-Eun, who suffers the most brutal form of bullying by her classmates in school and makes it her life goal to seek revenge. She dedicates her life to the plan and begins her game. It is intimidating and mysterious, and the top-tier acting immerses you in the plot.

3. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter is a supernatural mystery comedy-drama. Demon hunters from a realm Yung, called Counters, are undercover on Earth as workers at a Noodle Bar to capture evil spirits lurking on Earth. When they lose a member while trying to find Cheong-sim, a powerful evil spirit, they recruit a bullied high school boy called Mun. Mun is their ace unexpectedly and helps them track down the evil spirits. The second season of this show recently aired on Netflix, and the team continues fighting evil spirits.

4. Crash Course In Romance

Crash Course in Romance is the story of Choi Chi Yeol, a star math teacher who suffers from past trauma. He is very picky and sensitive to food and struggles to eat until he finds the food at a store called Nation's Best Banchan and finally enjoys eating. The store belongs to Haeng-Seon, whose daughter Hae-Yi wishes to attend a tuition class taught by Chi Yeol. Chi Yeol and Haeng-Seon dislike each other but often find themselves in situations that eventually bring them close. Though the genre is romance, this show also highlights traumas, academic pressure, and the cut-throat educational system of Korea.

5. D.P S1 And S2

D.P. tells the story of a Deserter Pursuit team at a military unit. The show became viral for exposing the gruesome and brutal abuse and harassment in the Korean military. The task of the unit is to track and capture military deserters. Ahn Joon-ho is a new soldier in the D.P. unit and stands his ground. He experiences vicious hazing in the unit but sees that some soldiers have it worse. Each episode of the two-season show shows us the story of a soldier who suffers through brutal hazing and tries to fight for their life in a way. Joon-ho and his partner Hoyeol are the two people who try to help the soldiers and try to bring justice, and take us on their adventures.

6. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

At the sea, warm food, and warmer and wholesome residents of Gongjin, Hometown Cha Cha Cha is the story of two opposites who fall in love. Hye-jin works as a dentist in the city and has a falling out at work. She used to come to Gongjin as a kid with her parents and came there after running away from the city. She opens a dental practice and starts a fresh chapter with her best friend, who comes to stay with her. There, she meets the locals of Gongjin and their Chief, Hong Du-sik, who get annoyed at her city-like behavior. The Chief is a perfect guy who is a jack-of-all-trades and loved by everyone. He bickers with Hye-jin but helps her get close to the locals. The two opposites soon gravitate toward each other without even realizing it. This Korean drama is a go-to comfort show for any K-drama lover looking for new shows on Netflix.

7. Youth Of May

In May 1980, based on actual events of the Gwangju Uprising, Youth Of May captures our hearts with the unexpected timing of Hee-tae and Myung-Hee falling in love. The odds are not in their favor, but the two adore each other and take the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of many emotions. From giving you butterflies to making you sob, this show does almost everything but still will have your attention. Though it may seem romantic but also ominous and sad, this show is a masterpiece you will remember for a while.

8. Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds is a delight for fans who want an action-packed Korean drama. This show is about two boxers who tackle loan sharks and survive. Geonwoo and Woojin become close friends after beating each other up during a boxing match. Woojin introduces Geonwoo to a money lender after a loan shark called Smile Capital ruins her café. Bloodhounds is a delight to the eye because of the visuals of the main characters and their comedic banter.

9. A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal is one of the most famous Netflix Original Korean dramas. This show tells us about two couples and their love story. A Business Proposal is funny, chaotic, and romantic at the same time. Ha-ri, an office worker, and her chaebol friend Young-seo, are best friends. Young-seo convinces Ha-ri to go on a date in her place, and Ha-ri is stunned to see her CEO, Kang Tae-moo, at the date. The chaos begins as Ha-ri tries to fool Tae-moo while Young-seo keeps bumping into Sunghoon, the best friend of Tae-moo.

10. Destined With You

Jang Shin Yu has the looks and the intelligence. He is a lawyer who charms people wherever he goes. But secretly, this perfect lawyer has a family curse that plagues him. On his journey to get rid of the curse, he meets Lee Hong-jo, a civil servant who feels like she is alone. He realizes she is the one who can lift the curse off and save him. While figuring out how to do so, the two slowly begin getting close. Destined With You is an ongoing drama on Netflix and has gone viral because of the chemistry between Shin Yu and Hong-jo.