Article: Top 10 K-Idols Who Are Great Chefs

Trainees undergo their training while they live together in a dorm from a very young age. During that time, they are supposed to live alone and grow up with their fellow members. With that being the case, a member initially takes responsibility for cooking food. Some have their hobbies as cooking, and some discover their way into it. Almost all members in a group have basic cooking skills. Among them, some turn out to have outstanding cooking skills by learning themselves. This article lists the top 10 4th generation k-idols who are great chefs.

1. Lee Know

Lee Know from Stray Kids tops the list for best chef. Lee Know uploads vlogs about cooking various kinds of food. Sometimes he even records vlogs where he cooks food at the request of his members. His passion for food and cooking led him to join many cooking variety shows. Apart from Lee Know, Felix is also an excellent cook in his team. Felix is best known for his brownies among the other idols.

2. Wooyoung

Wooyoung, being in the maknae line, is said to be the best chef in his group, ATEEZ. He has been taking cooking courses with top chefs in Korea to get certified in Korean cuisine. He does cooking shows and vlogs. Other than Wooyoung, Seonghwa is said to have good cooking skills.

3. Kun

Kun from WayV, the Chinese subunit from NCT, is an agreed chef. All the members appreciate Kun's cooking style and recipes. Kun has his passion for cooking and has displayed them in many ways to his members. His members like to request recipes and learn from him since he easily teaches them.

4. Yeonjun

Tomorrow x Together members choose Yeonjun as their best chef in an interview. Yeonjun, the eldest member of TxT, is found to be the person who has good cooking skills in his group. In a variety show of TxT, Yeonjun's cooking is found clumsy, but his food earns a positive review from the judges.

5. Sunoo

Sunoo from Enhypen made a guest appearance in one of Korea's best cooking variety shows, "The Best Cooking Secrets," which aired in 2021. Sunoo was provided with frozen dishes to make recipes in the show. He showed his hidden talent for cooking and turned out to be a great chef. Other than Sunoo, Jay can also cook in Enhypen.

6. Minju

Minju, a former member of the girl group IZ*ONE, showed off her cooking talents and surprised her fellow members in a variety show. Along with her fellow member Chaewon, she cooked kimchi fried rice in that show. The members stated that way Minju handled her cutleries was so professional.

7. Dayoung

WJSN's main chef Dayoung, could not be avoided in this list of top 10 K-idols who are great chefs! Her members describe her as a sweet person who cooks many dishes. She once packed lunch boxes for them, and they tasted so good. They stated she also cooks unique dishes on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

8. Isa

STAYC's Isa is the best cook among the members of the group. The members themselves confirmed this statement. Even though she is allergic to many foods, she carefully considers them and cooks well. She is a person who is interested in vegan foods since she is allergic to some kinds of meat.

9. Winter

Aespa is a young girl group under SM Entertainment. Among the four members of the group, Winter is considered the best cook. The members stated that Winter cooks good food and often cooks for her members. Her fellow member and leader of the group Karina said she liked Winter's cooking.

10. Ryujin

ITZY is a group with all the members having good cooking skills. Among them, Yeji, the leader, said that Ryujin is a good cook and she has a lot of recipes. Ryujin also once cooked live. She also shared some of her recipes with her fans. Ryujin was once awed by Lia's habit of cooking food in the microwave instead of frying them in the pan.