Article: Top 10 K Drama Facts That Seem Fake

Korean drama world is filled with surprises. Every now and then, things keep happening in the industry. These realities somehow do not feel real. There is no doubt that the entertainment industry is filled with secrets. When these secrets are out, people are shocked and in disbelief at the truth of the secrets, which are actually facts. From behind-the-scene mysteries to the production of certain dramas, there is always something that manages to blow our minds. These facts are often revealed by the actors or directors themselves during promotional events and interviews. Given below is the list of the top 10 Korean drama facts that seem fake.

1. Squid Game Release

We all loved the Squid Game series. If you don’t know what Squid Game is, you must be living under the rock. Squid Game is a South Korean thriller horror series released in 2021. We are aware of the popularity of the series. Squid game was a huge hit, not only in Korea but globally. But, did you know that the writer and director of the drama Hwang Dong Hyuk, ten years for the show to be picked by a network? He said in an interview that the network thought the concept of the show was too complicated. He created the concept in 2009, and after years, Netflix decided to release the series, which later on became the most-watched series on Netflix.

2. Lee Jung Ha’s Weight Gain

Lee Jung Ha is a South Korean actor who recently is on everyone’s mind for his role in the fantasy and family drama Moving. Jung Ha played the Character of Kim Bong Seok, who has supernatural powers to fly and an enhanced five senses inherited by his parents. In the drama, Jung Ha was a little chubby, and to fit into the character, he gained 30 kilograms weight, which is quite hard to believe. This shows his dedication to acting.

3. Yeri In Reply 1988

Girls Generation’s Yeri played the lead role in the drama Reply 1988. There is a scene in the drama where Sung Dok Sun, the character played by Yeri, gets a phone call at her school, she gets the news that her grandmother has passed away. Coincidentally, a day before filming the scene, her real-life grandmother had passed away. In an Interview, Yeri said it was difficult for her to shoot that particular scene, and she was not able to hold back her tears.

4. Shin Min A’s Transformation

In the romantic comedy-drama Oh My Venus, Shin Min A played the role of a chubby girl. For this, she had to put on a weight suit, which made her look fat on screen. To make her character more realistic, she had to put on heavy makeup for each scene, which took almost three hours and had to continue filming for many more hours. In the first few episodes, she had to put on makeup for almost 25 times. This is a tiring task, and because of this, she ended up losing a lot of weight which was concerning.

5. Kim Tae Hee’s Entry Into The Industry

There is no doubt that the competition in the entertainment world is fierce. Struggling actors have to take a hundred auditions to make it to the big screen. But it was rather easy for Kim Tae Hee. She was cast on the street when she was boarding a train for her school by an agent. She was first offered a modeling job and soon got her big break. Considering how talented an actor she is, it is hard to believe that she was cast on a street on a random day.

6. Park Eun Bin Rejecting Role

Park Eun Bin is a popular South Korean actress. She had played the lead role in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo was a global hit. The drama was loved by the fans all over the world. But did you know that Eun Bin rejected the drama many times? The reason behind this was, that she was dubious about the role and thought she wouldn’t be able to do a good job to represent the autism spectrum. But at last, she gave in and agreed to play the character.

7. Lee Dong Wook’s Psychopaths Character’s Aftermath

Lee Dong Wook played the character of a psychopath in the horror and thriller drama Strangers from Hell. It is quite disturbing for us to watch a horror or thriller show, but it is also difficult for the actors to play the character. In the drama, the psychopathic character of Lee Dong Wook took a toll on him. In an interview, he shared that, his friends noticed how he has become a different person, and once when he looked in the mirror, he was not able to recognize himself. However, he got a hold of himself after a while.

8. Kim Soo Hyun’s Difficult Past

Kim Soo Hyun is a globally popular South Korean actor. Soo Hyun is always praised for his phenomenal acting skills and great visuals. But his initial days were not so good. He was called ugly by the viewers for having a big nose. Considering how popular he is now, a part of the reason being his good looks, it is quite hard to believe what netizens called him. He was also rejected from many roles just because the directors did not like how he looked.

9. Lee Soo Hyuk’s Break In Big Screen

Lee Soo Hyuk is a South Korean model and actor. When he started to get into the acting industry, he was faced with many difficulties. In an interview, he shared his part of the story. He said that models who are trying to get into the entertainment industry are often not taken seriously and usually looked down upon. Now that he is one of the most loved actors globally it is quite hard to digest that how he was not able to get a good acting role.

10. Song Joong Ki’s Athletic Past

Song Joong Ki is a popular South Korean actor. He is one of the most successful actors, with his fans all around the world. But he was all set to become a professional athlete in short-track speed skating and skated for almost twelve years. After an injury in his high school, he had to quit skating and later pursued acting.