Article: Top Ten J-Dramas Where The Main Character Is Seeking Revenge

We all love a good revenge story where the good guy wins. In this list, we will talk about some Japanese dramas where our protagonist seeks revenge.

1. Ouroboros

In this series, we follow Ikuo and Tatsuya, the main protagonists. As children, they develop a deep bond with their elementary school teacher, Yuko, whom they treat like an elder sister. However, Yuko was killed before them, and the killer was never caught. After fifteen years, Ikuo, who has become a detective, and Tatsuya, who has become a high-ranking yakuza, have one goal: catching the killer.

2. Siren

In this series, we follow Shinobu Satomi, an officer in the Tokyo Police Department, and Yuki Inokuma, another officer. The officer suddenly gets involved in a series of horrific murders, which leads them to meet Kara Tachibana. Kara soon becomes interested in Yuki, which concerns Shinobu. Shinobu is hell-bent on finding the killer behind the murders as well as the identity of Kara Tachibana.

3. Hundred Million Stars From The Sky

In this series, we follow Kanzo Dojima, a detective who is unsatisfied with his job. One day, he meets a mysterious man named Ryo Katase. Everything turns unexpectedly when both men get involved in a murder case.

4. Lost ID

Lost ID is also called Soshite, dare mo Inaku Natta, also known as And, There Were None. In this series, we follow Shinchi Todo, a successful, intelligent, and handsome man. His life seems perfect until one day, his life was turned upside down when an imposter tries to steal his identity and life.

5. W No Higeki

In this series, we follow Haruo, who suddenly gets fired from her job in the factory. One day, Haruo’s friend Mako Watsuji, a woman who used to work with Haruo, invited her to come and stay at her mansion. The day Haruo arrives at the villa, the head of the family is killed. Mako confesses that she was the one who killed him. To protect Mako, the people in the estate lied to the police. They told the police that it had been a burglary that went wrong. However, one of them was betrayed.

6. My Dangerous Wife

My Dangerous Wife is also called Boku no Yabai Tsuma. In this series, we follow Kohei Mochizuki and Maria. Kohei and Maria are married; however, Kohei has a mistress named Anna Kitazato. Kohei and Anna plan to kill Maria; however, one day, they come home to find that Maria has disappeared, and the house is filled with bloodstains. Everything becomes even more complicated when Kohei discovers the truth behind Maria’s identity.

7. Naoki Hanzawa

In this series, we follow Naoki Hanzawa, a loan manager at the Tokyo Central Bank. One day, Naoki is forced by his manager, Asano, to make a loan contract with Nishi Osaka Steel Company. The company has a lot of debt, which ultimately leads the company to go bankrupt. After this incident, Asano tried to push the blame on Naoki. Naoki denies any fault, and he promises to find a way to return the money to the bank.

8. The Thrones Of Alice 

The Thrones of Alice is also known as Alice no Toge. In this series, we follow Alice, our main protagonist, a doctor at a university hospital. Alice has only one life goal: to get revenge for the end of her father. The hands of negligent and corrupt doctors caused the death of her father.

9. War Of Lie 

In this series, we follow Koichi, a swindler. When Koichi was a child, his father was accused of the murder of his wife and his youngest child. Koichi, however, knew that his father was framed as he had seen the actual killer. The police refused to believe him. Growing up, the rest of his family called him a liar. Koichi had no option but to leave his home and move overseas. One day, Koichi suddenly runs into the killer. Koichi gets motivated to move back to Japan and exact revenge.

10. Guilty, Akuma To Keiyakushita Onna

In this series, we follow Meiko Nogami, a famous beauty expert. When she was nineteen, she was falsely accused and imprisoned for the death of her nephew and her brother-in-law. After twelve years of being released from prison, she goes on a journey to find the truth behind the murders.