Article: Top 10 Idols With Fewer Training Periods

The K-Pop industry trains its idols before they get inside. Becoming an idol is not an easy task as they involve years and years of training. They spend almost their entire childhood in their training period. They take years and years of training to get into a group, and their hard work pays off when they become successful idols. All idols who have debuted are incredibly talented. Some are lucky enough to debut with fewer training days than others. Either way, if they debut with more or less training periods, these idols shine brightly in the industry. This article lists the top 10 K-idols with fewer training periods

1.Olivia Hye - 1 Day

The last member to be introduced to LOONA was Olivia Hye. She had her trainee period for only one single day. She said that after being a trainee for one day, she debuted in LOONA the next day. She had seen her elder members on TV and was excited to debut alongside them.


2. Yeeun - Less Than A Week

Wonder Girl's Yeeun has two statements regarding her trainee period, either she had no training period or whether it was less than a week. One thing that is found common between the statements is that when Yeeun auditioned, she was immediately taken into her company and debuted in Wonder Girls. Yeeun might have a few days of spare time or a few days of training before her debut.


3. Yves - 3 Weeks

The young girl group LOONA's member Yves had only been a trainee for three weeks until she debuted. She is a rapper, vocalist, and dancer in her group. She is the leader of one of LOONA's sub-unit, "yyxy." She was a model in "Marishe," a fashion brands.


4. Yura - 1 Month

Girl's Day's Yura had her trainee period for only a month. The idol is also an actress. Her band made its debut in 2010 and continued till 2018 until the member decided not to renew their contracts. She has played roles in TV series and hosted many shows.


5. Hyuk - 3 Months

Hyuk is the member with the least trainee period among his members in group VIXX. Hyuk participated in the "MyDOL" survival show held by Jellyfish Entertainment. The members of VIXX got selected in the process. The 27-year-old is the maknae of the group. He is also a solo artist who made his debut in 2019.


6. Kyuhyun - 3 Months

Super Junior is a boy group under S.M Entertainment. The group initially debuted with 12 members in 2005. Later in 2006, Kyuhyun was added to the group. Kyuhyun had been a trainee for only three months when he debuted in one of Super Junior's sub-unit, "SUPER JUNIOR- K.R.Y."


7. Baekhyun - 4 Months

Two of EXO's members had only four months of training before they debuted in the group. They are Chen and Baekhyun. They were also the last members to join the group. Baekhyun has stated that since his training period was only for a few months, he worked hard to get to know his members in the earlier days of his debut.


8. Yein - 4 Months

Jung Yein is a former member of the girl group Lovelyz. The group debuted in 2014 under Woollim Entertainment. Later, when their contract expired, Yein decided to leave the group. On January 2022, she made her first solo debut under SUBLIME Entertainment with her single "Plus n Minus." She has also acted in dramas.


9. Jimin - 6 Months

BTS's Jimin had the shortest training period in his group. With his excellent dancing skills and unique voice, Jimin felt he wasn't ready to debut when he was selected. He also said that due to his fan's encouragement, he regained confidence and was able to shine on stages. During this short period, Jimin had undergone many hardships to complete his trainee .


10. Guan Lin - 6 Months

Guan Lin was part of one of Mnet's biggest survival shows, "PRODUCE 101." He was the seventh member to get selected and debuted in Wanna One in 2016. The Taiwanese singer and rapper moved to a sub-unit along with Pentagon's Wooseok. Later due to many disputes, he terminated his contract with Cube Entertainment. The idol had only six months of training before he was selected to participate in the survival show.