Article: Top 10 Celebrated Korean Family Movies

When it comes to photography, plot, acting, and background music, Korean films never disappoint. They are one of the best movies in terms of narrative. Whatever the genre - thriller, romance, suspense, mystery, life, and so on – Korean films excel in all of them. The South Korean film industry is already well-known for the Oscar-winning Parasite. Watching a movie with your family is a terrific way to entertain and spend time together. However, you may be concerned about what will happen if a nasty scene appears on the screen. Isn't it embarrassing? Here are some popular Korean films that you can watch with your family if you want to watch movies with them.

1. I Can Speak

Ok Bun, an old woman who frequently files complaints at the district office, discovers that Min Jae, a civil service officer, is fluent in English and requests that he educate her. Min Jae finds Ok Bun's painful past while they study together.


2. Innocent Witness

Soon Ho is a lawyer who has been hired to handle a murder case. Ji Woo, an autistic high school student, is the only witness in this case. He resolves to meet and befriend Ji Woo in order to persuade her to attend the trial as a witness.


3. Train To Busan

Seok Woo is a fund manager who takes a KTX train from Seoul to Busan with his child. However, due to a virus outbreak, they are trapped on the train with other passengers, and the survival game begins.


4. Sunny

In high school, seven girls become close friends. They have fun, get into fights, and so forth. Then, over the next 25 years, events separate them. When one of the friends is dying in the hospital, she wishes to see each of them one final time, and they reunite.


5. Exit

A man insisted on holding his mother's birthday party at Dream Garden because his crush worked there. When a disaster hits, blanketing the skies with a mystery gas, he must rely on his rock climbing abilities to lead everyone to safety.


6. Ode To My Father

The film explores the lives of those who face adversity following the Korean War till the present day. A young child makes a vow to care for his family, which marks the beginning of a 60-year promise.


7. A Taxi Driver

One day, a taxi driver learns that a foreigner is willing to pay a substantial fee for a ride from Seoul to Gwangju City and back. He accepts the position, not knowing that the foreigner is a German journalist, and comes to discover the city under siege by student demonstrators and the soldiers.


8. Miracle In Cell No. 7

The film's plot centres around a mentally challenged man who is wrongfully imprisoned for murder and becomes friendships with dangerous criminals in his cell. In exchange, they bring his daughter inside the prison and reconnect him with her.


9. Pawn

Doo Suk and Jung Bae work as debt collectors in 1993, and when collecting debt from Myung Ja, they use her nine-year-old daughter Seung Yi as collateral. Doo Suk and Jung Bae are unexpectedly appointed as Seung Yi's guardians. As they live together, the two men and the girl create a family-like attachment.


10. Inseparable Bros

Se Ha is clever but wheelchair-bound, whereas Dong Goo is athletic but has a mental age of 5. Despite the fact that they are not biological relatives, they are an inseparable pair of close friends who have spent over 20 years living nearly as a single organism.