Article: 10 Korean Actors Who Turned Down Legendary Roles

Korea is known for it's creative scripts.There are so many scripts that get rejected, many of the big names tend to be very selective about their scripts which sometimes leads to rejections of some highly rated dramas. Sometimes the contraindications are due to unavailability or dislike for a genre. There are many reasons why an actor decides not to do a particular role, but here are some actors who have rejected prominent parts, which went to other actors and now we cannot imagine anybody else for that role, or you can image how different the role would have turned out if somebody else played the part.

1. IU- Kim Da Mi

The recent hit Itaewon Class’s female lead was Jo Yi Seo, the part of which was first offered to IU, but she couldn’t accept it for the shooting of Hotel Del Luna. The role was then given to Kim Da Mi, who eventually became of the strongest and daring female lead ever. Thanks to IU’s refusal, we were able to see the fantastic performance of Da Mi.


2. Lee Min-Ki- Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki declined two films to focus on his drama, Iljimae. He turned down the offer of Haeundae and The Chaser. Lee Min-Ki ended up taking the leading role in Haeundae, and Haa Jung Woo was the lead for The Chaser, and both of them made these films a turning point in their career.


3. Kim Soo Hyun- Song Joon Ki

Song Jong Ki was formerly selected for the role in the historical dramaMoon Embracing the Sun, but he rejected the script to focus on his movie A werewolf Boy. Song Joon Ki won a Baeksang nomination for the movie while Kim Soo Hyun made a name on television.


4. Gong Yoo – Song Joon Ki

Both Descendants of the Sun and Goblin was written by the same writer, Kim Eun Sook. She explained how Gong Yoo had kept rejecting her scripts for five years before Goblin came along. She had wanted to go for Gong Yoo to play the role of a soldier (male lead) in DOTS, but after a year, the part was given to Song Joon Ki.


5. Yonghwa- The Heirs

The role of Choi Young Do from The Heirs, played by Kim Woo Bin, was initially offered to the popular K-Pop idol Yonghwa who belongs to the boy band CNBlue. Yonghwa took another project in the same year named Marry Him If You Dare, which got entirely overshadowed by The Heirs.


6. Suzy – Kim Go Eun

The drama Cheese In The Trap, which still gets a lot of mixed reactions for the portrayal and messed up acting and storyline, was initially offered to Suzy. The webtoon lovers couldn’t picture Suzy as the main lead, which finally led to her giving up on the drama. Suzy starred in an Uncontrollably Fond instead, which performed way better than Cheese In the Trap.


7. Sungjae

The famous singer and actor, who belongs to the boy band BTOB, is very strict with his script approvals. He is known to have rejected many scripts to focus on his singing career. He had gained fame from Reply 1994 and School 2015 and did not accept any scripts before Goblin came along, and has rejected dramas like Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


8. Kim Woo Bin – Lee Jong Suk

Kim Woo Bin was preferred for the position of the main lead in Pinocchio due to issues with his existing schedule, had he accepted the role, he would have been paired opposite Park Shin Hye for the second time after Heirs, but Lee Jong Suk took on the part, and he also happens to be a very close of Kim Woo Bin.


9. Jun Ji Hyun- Shin Min Ah

The drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was first offered to Jun Ji Hyun, paired opposite Lee Seung Gi, but was later replaced by the beautiful Shin Min Ha, who is recently seen in the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Both of them have continued to do well in their respective careers since then.


10. Jang Geunsuk – Lee Min Ho

The role of the male lead in the drama Boys over Flowers, Gu Jun Pyo, was first offered to Jang Geun Suk, who is originally a curly-haired actor, but he rejected the drama for another one named Beethoven Virus. But Boys over Flowers went on to become one of the greatest dramas in Korean history.