Article: 10 K-Pop Male Idols Known For Their Compelling Vocals

It is no secret that K-Pop has some of the most incredibly talented artists in the entertainment industry. Idols undergo rigorous training in dance, vocals, and rap before they debut, so they are perfect performers with beautiful voices, incredible vocal skills, and great dancing. K-Pop has some of the best male idols who are not only known for their visuals but also for their mesmerizing vocals. While K-pop idols get trained to sing, it does not guarantee how compelling their voices can be. It is not easy for idols to paint a picture, convey a story, and mesmerize the listeners with their vocals. There are many talented vocalists in K-pop, but some vocalists stand out mainly because of their vocal technique and captivating vocals. Idols have different vocal tones, vocal techniques, and vocal ranges, but those distinguished features add to their talent in their extraordinary singing. These idols are known to captivate fans and audiences with their utterly compelling voices. Here are ten such male idols whose vocals will blow your mind.

1. Baekhyun

Baekhyun from EXO is one of the most talented vocalists in K-Pop, with utterly compelling vocals. He has an extraordinary talent and has some of the best vocals in the industry. Baekhyun has a distinctively deep and smokey voice and easily navigates between low and high notes, riffs, and adlibs. He also has an incredible vocal range and often surprises people with his smooth but powerful vocals. Baekhyun is extremely versatile. Baekhyun is notorious for drawing in people and drop their jaws with his compelling vocals. Some songs with his most compelling vocals are Cry For Love, All I Got, Underwater, Love Again, and Hurt. He also sang many famous OSTs.

2. Jonghyun

Jonghyun is, no doubt, one of the best vocalists with the most compelling voice in K-pop. The late idol left his legacy and inspired many artists to become better vocalists. Jonghyun had a unique and clear vocal tone. His vocals are always recognizable because his voice stands out for his technique and range. Jonghyun brings people to tears, makes them laugh, and builds emotions through his vocals. Some of his most compelling vocals are from Excuse Me Miss, Sherlock, Dream Girl by Shinee, and his songs Elevator, She Is, and Let Me Out.

3. Chen

On the topic of compelling vocals, EXO Chen is always on top of the list. The vocalist has a beautiful and mesmerizing voice. Chen has clear and controlled vocals with a phenomenal vocal range, and fans are left in awe when they listen to him. He brings music to life and is talented at delivering emotions through the tone of his vocals. Because of his compelling vocals, he is known for K-dramas OSTs. Some of his best vocals are from Let Me In, Monster, Miracles In December by EXO, and his solo songs Beautiful Goodbye, Hello, I Don't Even Mind.

4. Seungkwan

Seungkwan from Seventeen is a gem in the K-pop industry. He is an idol full of life and brightens up a room. He is known for his powerful vocals as the main vocalist of his group. Seungkwan has an emotional voice and makes listeners feel his emotions through his vocals. He has a mind-blowing vocal tone and range and often leaves jaws dropped at his vocals. His best vocals are included in his cover of Love Poem by IU, Pinwheel, Kidult, Aju Nice, and Fearless by Seventeen.

5. Taeil

NCT member Moon Taeil is a marvelous vocalist. He often stuns the audience with his compelling vocals. He has a clear, powerful, and loud vocal tone and often shows his incredible vocal range, which always surprises fans. Taeil nails his vocals with ease because his high and low notes are equally perfect. Fans always say that Taeil's vocals are heavenly because he sings with many emotions. Some of his best vocals are in From Home, Coming Home, Faded In My Last Song by NCT U, Love Song, Favorite, Regular and 2 Baddies by NCT 127, and his solo The Moon with Moon Sujin.

6. Onew

Shinee leader Onew is a tremendous vocalist with a unique voice and tone. He is the main vocalist of Shinee and has clean, light, and slightly nasal but powerful vocals. Onew switches from his breathy tone to a head voice to a lower tone or a high note in falsetto with ease like no one. Lucifer, Excuse Me Miss, Good Evening, So Amazing, and Atlantis by Shinee, and his solo songs O, Blue, Yeowoobi, and Shine On You have some of his most compelling vocals.

7. DK

Seventeen member DK is famous for his mesmerizing vocals. He is one of the main vocalists of his group and has distinctive vocals. DK has powerful and smooth vocals that audiences and fans always love to hear. He has an incredible vocal range and sings with ease. His vocals are compelling because they are very expressive and immerse the listeners. Very Nice, Kidult, Don't Wanna Cry, Hug, and Home have some of his most compelling vocals.

8. Jongho

Jongho from Ateez is famous for his explosive voice among male idols. The main vocalist has an exceptional vocal tone and range because he hits high notes that feel impossible to sing. Many professionals praise Jongho for his vocals and the way his vocals carry emotions that pierce the audience. Audiences and fans usually are stunned by Jongho's compelling vocals. Wonderland, Utopia, Fireworks, and his live performances on Sketchbook x Musician With You and Kingdom have some of his most compelling vocals.

9. Taehyun

TXT member Taehyun is a vocal gem from the 4th generation of K-pop. He has a deep and raspy but smooth vocal tone. Taehyun has a tenor and hits high notes with ease. His vocals are compelling as they are very expressive and capture the vibe of the song he sings. Taehyun is equally good in many genres of music, from pop to rock and R&B. His most compelling vocals are from 0X1=LOVESONG, Blue Hour, Anti-Romantic, and Opening Sequence.

10. Woosung  

Woosung is the lead vocalist of the band The Rose. Apart from the pop-rock sound of his band, Woosung is known for his unique voice. Woosung has a raspy but smooth voice, which is incredibly attractive. His vocals are light and airy but deep and raspy as well. He is known to express the emotions of his songs through his vocals and captivate fans with his unique, compelling vocals. Some of his best vocals are from Face, She's In The Rain, Lazy and Red.