Article: Top 10 Thai BL Couples Who Played In More Than One Series

The Thai BL world is a different universe with so many pairs coming, while some pairs have a remarkable impact on the audience. The audience demands more series from them. Let’s look at some Thai BL Couples who have played in many series together.

1. Off And Gun

Off and Gun couple has to be on top of this list, and there is no denying their pair knows how to make people attracted to their chemistry. The Off and Gun have done many series together, as they both have their electric chemistry. The most famous BL series of theirs are Not Me and Theory Of Love.

2. Max And Nat 

Max and Nat have starred in many series, mostly as secondary couples. In each series, they have shown different characters, and they truly know how to pull all of them. Their height difference in their caring for each other is refreshing to watch. Their role in Cutie Pie BL drama was a success for their career. Their series Naughty Babe is currently airing, making people excited to see them in the leads.

3. Tay And New

Tay and New are the chaotic couples of BL world as their moments are funny, but in all their series like Dark Blue Kiss, Kiss Me Again, and Kiss The Series, they know how to make their chemistry move. They are coming with a Thai version of popular Japanese BL Cherry Magic, making people root for their coming chemistry.

4. Boun And Prem

Boun and Prem, very popularly known as Win and Team from one of the popular BL series of all time, Until We Meet Again. They were the second couple, and their characters were pretty entertaining than the main couple, which attracted a lot of audiences. They did Even Sun and then the most awaited sequel of Until We Meet Again, Between Us, showing the audience their unbreakable charisma.

5. Ja And First 

Ja and First are known as a truly fated couple in the BL world. Born just three days apart in April 1998 have marked the audience with their remarkable chemistry. They have done a lot of series together. They made a cameo in TharnType, then the most awaited BL series, Don’t Say No, and the recent hit Be Mine Superstar.

6. Yin And War

Yin and War is another Thai couple that went viral because of their trilogy BL series. They have played many variations of their characters, yet their chemistry remained unbreakable. En Of Love: Tossara, En Of Love: Mechanics, and En Of Love: This Is Love Story. They both have an intense chemistry, and a rollercoaster of emotions is worth watching.

7. Force And Book

Force and Book’s first BL series, Enchante, was a hit as they start as friends, yet they become a couple. Force and Book show the power of friendship in the drama and how they are with each other. The recent drama A Boss And A Boss was opposite to Enchante as it’s about office romance.

8. Joong And Dunk

Joong and Dunk’s on-screen or off-screen chemistry truly knows how to make the audience fall in love with them. They both starred in the famous BL drama Star In My Mind, and the audience liked them. They have recently starred in the new BL drama Hidden Agenda, giving more depth to their pair for the fans.

9. First And Khaotung

First and Khaotung starred in their BL journey pairing with other actors, but their pair was a ghost ship as no one thought how good they would look with each other until the BL drama The Eclipse aired. The Eclipse was a hit as the storyline was very different, and their chemistry stood out as nobody thought it would. They also starred in Moonlight Chicken and are currently in Only Friends.

10. Pond And Phuwin

Pond and Phuwin are another lovable pair in the Thai BL world. Their first drama, Fish Upon The Sky, was a hit as their character was chaotic and funny. Meanwhile, their recent hit drama Never Let Me Go shows the opposite characters. The chemistry also gets intense, and the audience gets more attracted to the pair.